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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
October 4, 2023 ·  3 min read

Optical Illusion Reveals if You Struggle with Commitment

The internet is abuzz with an optical illusion. One that is making bold claims about its ability to uncover some rather daunting information. It claims to know whether you’re someone who dislikes commitment or if you struggle to manage your anger when your boundaries are challenged.

This image gained widespread attention after being posted by TikTok creator Mia Yilin, who commands an impressive following of over 450,000 users on the video-sharing platform. According to Yilin, the illusion has the potential to discern whether you possess a high level of maturity and empathy. Enabling you to consider others’ viewpoints, or if you tend to adapt yourself to gain the approval of others.

The image contains both a cat’s head and an island. Mia explained that the first thing you notice in the image can provide insights into your personality. She began the video by explaining the significance of seeing the island first.

Image Credit: mia_yilin TikTok

At the start of the video, Mia explained the significance of seeing the island first

Image Credit: mia_yilin TikTok

She said: “If you first saw the island, then you are a very perceptive and outgoing person because you hate being alone. Having friends is very important to you and you will go to great lengths to gain their favor. Including changing your personality or deprecating yourself.”

The content creator explained that those who saw the island first tend to be “very indecisive.” Particularly when it comes to important decisions like commitment. “You’re also very indecisive, especially in stressful and important situations,” she noted.

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Subsequently, Mia disclosed the significance of seeing the cat’s head first – commitment stood out here

Image Credit: mia_yilin

“If you first saw the cat head, then you are someone who rarely gets angry with others. Even if you feel uncomfortable, you will laugh it off because you try your best to avoid conflict,” she explained. However, Mia pointed out that individuals who saw the cat head first, when pushed to their limits, have the potential to become furious.

However, if someone really gets on your nerves or crosses your boundaries, then nothing can control your fury. You are super mature and often think from others’ perspective, admitting you are wrong when needed,” she added.

Viewers inundated the comments section, offering praise to Mia for her accuracy, especially on commitment

One person said: ‘Cat is so accurate.’ Another person commented: ‘The cat, is this magic? This is just 100 percent accuracy. ‘ ‘Spot on,’ added one user. Someone else said: ‘Always spot on.’ A fourth was dumbfounded, “It’s scary how she described me from just seeing a picture 🌚🌚🌚”

The creator is well known for her videos on TikTok where she defines people based on the images she displays

Viewers were quick to hit the comments section. “I don’t know the science behind this but you are always accurate. I never saw the folk until you mentioned it. Keep it up, dear.” said one. “how the hell does she get them so accurate ??” commented another. “This girl described my whole personality- 💀” commented a third!

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