Optical Illusion Claims To Tell If You’re A Hopeless Romantic

There is an optical illusion that is making its round on TikTok. The illusion swears to be able to inform if you are a hopeless romantic. It supposedly reveals the personality traits of a despairing romantic. If you believe that you are one, then this is the optical illusion for you.

The TikTok user that initially posted the photo, ItsMeFuzz, has thousands of users reeling with their results. The TikTok reel now has over four hundred thousand views and thousands of comments. 


How Do You Know If You Are A Romantic?

First of all, take a look at the illusion:

an illusion, do you see a car or a dog?

If you are perplexed by it then don’t worry because the original poster explained it in a later clip. Here is how the explanation went. 

Did you see two cats?

If a person first saw two cats, it means that they are a hopeless romantic. They have a fiery passion for love and romance and do not shy away from romantic encounters. Individuals who spotted the cats first probably have strong ties with every family member. They tend to prioritize their relationships.

ItsMeFuzz only gave explanations for two of the personalities. All of TikTok was left wondering what it meant for them. Many TikTok users commented that they spotted the dog head and the two cats at the same time.

A TikTok user commented that the people who spotted them at the same time were overachievers and needed to relax, which was hilarious. Many users were amused by the assessment which gave an insight into their personality type and if they were romantic. 


Or Did you see a dog head?

So, individuals who spotted the dog head first are very kind and helpful. Their friends tend to seek comfort and peace in them. These people have a ‘golden retriever’ type personality. People trust them unconditionally and enjoy spending time with them. 

This is just a fun little test, and you should probably take it with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, it’s pretty entertaining, so if you want to see the original Tik Tok video, take a look below!


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