optical illusion of a mans face that appears as both a profile and straight on
Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
December 20, 2023 ·  2 min read

Woman Claims Optical Illusion Can Decipher Your Personality

We know that an optical illusion can mess with one’s head. But now, it has also been understood that this could decipher who you are. There is obviously something that needs to be mentioned about these illusions. After all, they help us understand certain aspects of our being. Interestingly, many have already complimented this illusion to do just that. And for your sake, we are going to put it up here. What do you think? Does it speak to you? Does this illusion highlight your personality? Let us know. 

Optical Illusion Can Highlight Your Personality

When the optical illusion was first posted on TikTok, it garnered quite a following. Take a look at the image:

fox and dolphin
Image Credit: TikTok | @blondiegyrl

The poster instructed, “Think about what you saw first. If you saw a fox first, it means you’re pretty popular. Your friends and family trust you with their lives.” It was also mentioned that anyone who saw a dolphin was said to be timid. “You try to avoid confrontation and arguments because you don’t want to deal with that.” Nevertheless, the crowd is still in love with dolphins. After all, they are wise. 

The two additional illustrations that are on board, can be different for different people. The optical illusion doesn’t necessarily have to be right. If one thinks it applies to them, then good for them. It is quite natural that the viewers didn’t really agree with the results. As it stands, you could put up any single optical illusion anywhere- and people will always find a way to disregard that. Take a look at the TikTok yourself:



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As we say with whatever we post, be it an optical illusion or a puzzle- see for yourself. Try the illusion out. What does it mean for you? After all, it can’t be the same for everyone- can it? At the end of the day, you will be the best individual to know yourself. Give it a shot.

Let us know how close the answer is to your real personality!

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