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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 19, 2024 ·  2 min read

Those with perfect vision are ‘frustrated’ they can’t see the woman in this optical illusion

Optical illusions are curious objects. To this day, scientists keep researching as to why our brain gets fooled in such a manner. They have theories, of course, like our brains being unable to distinguish certain combinations of colors and patterns correctly. However, it does not mean the theories are always applicable. Regardless of the exact reason, we cannot help but be entertained by optical illusions. Today, we bring you an optical illusion that has a slightly uncanny twist to it.

Today’s optical illusion has taken the internet by storm after it first appeared on X, formerly Twitter. Several thousand users took to it and shared it, fascinated by its mysteriousness.

The Optical Illusion Of The Terrifying Woman

The optical illusion
Image Credits: Twitter | @TRHLOfficial

At first look, it seems like a wholesome picture of two girls sitting in nature. There seems to be a blonde-haired one and a brown-haired one. The blonde girl is looking fondly at the brown-haired girl, while the latter is preoccupied with something on the ground. However, for people with spectacles, there may be a hidden twist.

Before we reveal the optical illusion, bear in mind that it is more apparent to those who do not have perfect vision. Of course, people with 20/20 vision have a lifelong pride in how they see everything without any tools like glasses. However, even they will miss out on some things that bespectacled people can see. So do you wear glasses?

So, the optical illusion is that there is a creepy third face staring at us. Her face is completely pale and she has dark, sunken eyes. The glare is quite noticeable. Her face is made up of the body and hair of the blonde-haired girl. Once you spot her, you will have an easier time locating her again.

If you still have not noticed it, here is a slightly altered version of the original picture to help you:

The optical illusion blurred.
Image Credits: Twitter | @TRHLOfficial

X users suggested that blurring your eyes can help. For bespectacled people, simply looking at the picture without them should be enough. The blonde girl’s side profile makes up the woman’s forehead. Her hair and chin’s shadow create the eyes. The hair’s flowing bottom is the face’s nose. Finally, the mouth is created by a crease in the t-shirt of the girl.

Did you notice the ghastly face? Let us know in the comments below! Also, here are some more optical illusions you might like: