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Jade Small
January 24, 2024 ·  4 min read

5 Types of Fake People That Empaths Cannot Stand Being Around

Life is too short to surround yourself with fake people and feel stuck in toxic relationships. Dealing with these circumstances is especially hard for anyone who considers themselves an empath. Because they have that heightened “sixth” sense of other people’s auras and energies, empaths often find themselves at a loss for words or actions when confronted by a fake person.

An empath is someone with the paranormal ability to know how another person is feeling. Some empaths are so hypersensitive to others’ emotions that they can become overwhelmed and not know how to unload or explain what they’re feeling. [1]

Empaths can also find it challenging when trying to read a fake person because they can sense two people – the real individual and “masked” persona they’re using. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone who is hiding some aspect of their true self is a fake person. We understand it isn’t always easy to be authentic 100% of the time.

However, people do exist who are purposefully deceptive in order to get something they want. Empaths can see through this self-serving tactic because they hear one thing, but sense another. For example, a fake person might act and speak words of kindness but, in reality, the empath can sense that their attempted manipulation is coming from a place of pain.

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5 Types of Fake People Empaths Should Avoid Like the Plague

1) Fake People Who Lie and Manipulate

Empaths need to keep their guards up around these people because it can be easy to get drawn into their lies and deceit. It’s not as if these people are outright rude either – they’ll hand out seemingly kind and authentic compliments left and right to get you on their good side. Naturally, empathic people are especially sensitive to those who are (or seem) down and out. So, empaths, don’t fall into their traps or play their games because this type of fake person is out to use you for their own gain.

2) Fake People Who Are Complainers

Don’t misunderstand – we aren’t saying you should avoid anyone who complains. It can actually be quite healthy to make your concerns know to friends and family instead of keeping your emotions all bottled up. However, there are some individuals who seem absolutely incapable of seeing the good or the positives in their lives – even when their lives are stellar compared to others’. Empaths can usually tell when someone is complaining for the sake of it versus complaints that are authentic and coming from a place of deep hurt. Just be careful not to mistake the two.

3) Fake People Who Act Tough

We’re not talking about the young adult who grew up learning tough love or the single parent who’s doing everything in her power to hold it together for her child even when she feels like having a breakdown… We’re talking about the people who use their actions and words to put themselves above others. It’s similar to the “toughness” that schoolyard bullies use to make themselves feel bigger and better than everyone else. Fortunately for empaths, they can see through the “tough guy” act immediately. If you want to help them get to the root of their fake persona, you can try, but be careful because the attention is exactly what they thrive on.

4) Fake People Who Embellish Stories or Truths

We’ve all gotten caught up in stories or heart facts that, when it comes time to tell someone, we end up hyperbolizing just a little bit… or a lot. It happens! But we’re referring to the kind of fake person who tweaks stories or truths in order to gain another person’s approval. As an empath, you value authenticity above all else and can smell lies from a mile away. You would rather have no friend than make one on false pretenses. In short, don’t waste your time listening to this fake person’s stories – maybe even call them out on it. It’ll help both of you in the long-run.

5) Fake People Who Can’t Be Themselves

Some people need to put on non-prescription glasses to feel more confident at social gatherings. It has been proven in psychology to work. [2] Many people also have regrets in life they wish they could change that may impact the way we express and identify ourselves. However, the type of fake person we’re referring to is the one who makes up life events, accomplishments, salaries, etc. that didn’t happen or they don’t have. For whatever reason, this person created a blatantly fake persona of themselves that many others believe – hook, line, and sinker. Although the empath might not be able to fully sense their inauthenticity right away, they will eventually and it’s best not to waste your time with this kind of relationship.

Empaths work hard to master the “sixth sense” they’ve been given, but some fake people work harder. So, don’t be duped by the fake people you will eventually run into if you haven’t already. We hope this short yet significant list of fake types of people all empaths should avoid will help you in your immediate and future encounters.

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