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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
January 17, 2024 ·  3 min read

11 Ways to Tell if Someone is Fake or Genuine

Real folks know themselves well. They don’t blame others for their mistakes, and they recognize both their strengths and weaknesses. They’re unafraid to show vulnerability, open up to others, and form deep connections.

On the flip side, fake people are the opposite

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In simple terms, fake people are not genuine. Sometimes, they adopt fake traits because they feel pressured to be something they’re not or think it will boost their chances of success. We all understand the importance of appearances, but fake people have lost their path, and their insincerity harms themselves and those around them. To help you spot the difference between someone real and someone who is putting on an act, here are unmistakable signs of fake people.

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They isolate themselves in a clique

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Fake people use emotion, not logic, to influence their peers. They create cliques that pressure others to conform, reinforcing their narrow-minded ideals. They aim to gain authority and control by manipulating situations.

They’re full of themselves

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Fake people love to show off, thinking they’re better than everyone else. They strut around, bragging and hating it when others outshine them. Underneath, they might struggle with low self-esteem, using their inflated ego to hide their flaws. True humility comes from accepting yourself, flaws, and all.

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They lack consistency

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Fake people lack core values and struggle to stay focused. They jump from one thing to another, blaming others for missed deadlines. Their inconsistency leaves chaos as they micromanage without clear goals.

They’re manipulative and judgmental

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Fake folks judge others to gain control, always trying to be on top. They’re masters of passive-aggressiveness and backhanded compliments. When threatened, they’ll do anything to redirect attention to themselves. Their energy focuses on building themselves up and tearing others down.

They have a hostile sense of humor

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Underneath the fake smile, they harbor resentment and use sarcasm to mask insecurity. Their hostile humor deflects attention from their flaws, making them seem clever while avoiding self-reflection.

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They don’t express emotions clearly

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Fake people struggle with their emotions, often being aggressive to cover up their feelings. They run from their true selves, unable to express genuine emotions. An inauthentic person might believe lying, cheating, and bending rules are necessary for success, leading to two-faced behavior and gossip.

They seek attention and approval

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Fake people desperately want everyone to like or notice them. They’ll do anything for approval, even if it means changing their story. Any kindness is usually an act, a means to manipulate others for personal gain.

They don’t learn from mistakes

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Fake people care more about looking good than improving themselves. They hold grudges, refusing to admit failure or blame. Fake people won’t learn from their mistakes, always blaming others and hindering their own success.

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They have unrealistic perceptions

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Fake people focus on materialism, seeing possessions as a measure of success. They prioritize brag-worthy things over meaningful relationships, making decisions based on flawed perceptions.

They are predisposed to betrayal

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Betrayal occurs when someone is disloyal to you. This can involve sharing your personal secrets with others, speaking negatively about you behind your back, or even spreading rumors that can harm your reputation.

They tend to ignore your boundaries

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Ignored boundaries manifest when someone consistently crosses or neglects your limits. This can include encroaching on your personal space, disregarding your privacy, or surpassing the emotional boundaries you’ve set.

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