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Jade Small
Jade Small
January 3, 2024 ·  3 min read

7 Reasons Why Confident And Strong Women Are Targets For Narcissists

Most people might assume that narcissists are generally attracted to weak or meek-minded women. However, it has become increasingly noticeable that they actually go for the opposite. Narcissists are generally empowered through constant admiration. They demand compliments wherever they go for whatever they do. So, why are they magnetically drawn to such strong and powerful women? We are going to discuss seven different reasons to shed some light on this grim interaction.

1. Challenge Accepted

Narcissists are generally attracted to strong and powerful women because it seems like the ultimate match made in heaven. At first, narcissists are like mirrors to whoever they bond with. They do this to attract to the person to them, as a means to lure them into a relationship. This, however, does not last long. Narcissists have an undying need to feel superior to their partners. So, when the relationship’s honeymoon phase is over, they start showing their true colors. This is when the emotional abuse starts, and slowly but surely, they start breaking their partner down. This then allows them to feel like they’re superior.

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2. They Wish they Were as Strong

Narcissists are not as confident as they make themselves seem. Their whole charade of assertiveness is actually a front for their true identity, which is insecure and personally belittled. This is why they love a strong and powerful woman. They are able to match up to their personality. Through this, they become almost like energy vampires.

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3. Jealousy Makes Narcissists Nasty

This point is similar to the one above. Narcissists cannot handle when someone is stronger than them. They become vehemently jealous of their partner and will stop at nothing to tear their confidence apart. If they see a strong and powerful woman receiving all the compliments, they will put a stop to it by breaking their strength down through emotional abuse.

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4. Narcissists Need to Feel Worthy

Narcissists might come across as super confident, but they are actually terrified of rejection. This is why they boast about their abilities and ensure everyone in the room can hear them. If someone else receives a compliment, they will feel weak and unworthy. They love strong and powerful women because they can ride off their partner’s level of admiration. Being with a woman who is well-loved makes them feel like they’re worthy.

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5. A Strong Woman Provides Safety for Narcissists

Strong women have a tendency to have powerful jobs. They are well-respected and dearly loved. This is everything narcissists want for themselves. So, by being with a woman who is confident and sure of herself and her position in life, the narcissist can convince themselves they’re the reason their woman is so powerful. Moreover, they can make friends through their well-connected partners. Most of the time, they start to turn tables on their strong woman and steal those friends right from underneath them. Narcissists have been known to sabotage their women’s business lives.

6. A Strong Woman Will Put Up With Narcissists for Longer

One of the main tactics of narcissists is to belittle their partner. They will laugh at them for the littlest things, attempting to pass off this reaction as seeing their woman in an endearing light. They will also try to twist every story and situation to be in their favor, slowly making their partner feel like they’re crazy. But, this slowly breaks down their partner. A woman who is not as strong might leave sooner than a powerful woman because the stronger she is, the more she can endure.

Narcissists will break their strong woman down
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7. It’s a Comforting Relationship

Many narcissists are in relationships with empaths, and a lot of highly empathic women are strong and confident. The narcissist requires many a compliment, and deep understanding. This is something that all empaths are brilliant with.

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