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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
April 28, 2024 ·  4 min read

An Empath Will Hide These 11 Things From You

Empaths are distinct individuals with unique qualities and heightened sensitivity to emotions and energy. They absorb others’ emotions, which can be negative when around pessimistic people. Though empaths seldom discuss their gift, it’s important for those close to them to understand certain aspects.

Empaths excel at sensing others’ emotions and energy, readily offering support even without prompting. They can detect issues due to their keen intuition, yet they struggle to prioritize their well-being. Despite inquiring about others’ feelings, they often conceal their emotions. For loved ones of empaths, vigilance is crucial. Empaths tend not to seek help and are skilled at concealing their struggles. These traits are common among empaths, even though they endeavor to hide them.

Here are 11 things empaths try to hide from you

1. Their deep ability to love

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Empaths are characterized by their profound capacity for love. They exhibit genuine concern for both their close connections and the broader community. When an empath forms an emotional attachment, it runs exceptionally deep. Their appreciation for the people in their lives is strongly ingrained. As partners, empaths are remarkably loyal, and as friends, they prove to be some of the most exceptional companions one could hope for.

2. Empaths allow themselves to be taken advantage of

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It’s important to note that empaths are not weak; they possess great strength. However, their exceptional strength lies in their profound understanding and their deep appreciation for every individual. They have a remarkable ability to find positivity even in difficult situations. This quality can sometimes make them vulnerable to manipulation by more assertive individuals, as empaths possess a unique insight into the emotional strings that can be pulled.

3. They’re vulnerable to stress

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Empaths experience ordinary emotions in an intensified manner, which can lead to easy overwhelm and heightened stress. Juggling multiple tasks simultaneously can be particularly daunting for them, potentially causing significant strain and even negatively impacting their health.

4. Intuition

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Empaths possess a keen sense of intuitive connection, enabling them to make significant decisions based solely on their gut feelings. They have a remarkable ability to attune themselves and deeply understand the messages the universe conveys. Their perceptiveness extends beyond what might be expected, allowing them to pick up on a multitude of cues.

5. Negative people hone in on them

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Empaths often avoid discussing their own experiences, yet they are acutely conscious of being attractive targets for negative individuals. Manipulators and other negative personalities are drawn to empaths due to their forgiving and empathetic nature. Unfortunately, empaths can absorb positivity but internalize negativity from these interactions. This can lead to an ongoing fear of becoming a target for such people in the future.

6. An empath often gives way too much

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Empaths possess an innate gift for healing and an instinctive desire to assist others. Their inclination to prioritize others often leads to neglecting their own needs, resulting in emotional distress. Suppressing their personal emotions can eventually lead to an overwhelming buildup. It’s important to be cautious of their tendency to overextend themselves in helping others. Offering a gentle reminder to be mindful of this behavior could be beneficial.

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7. They have a built-in lie detector

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Empaths possess diverse abilities in perceiving others. They have a natural talent for penetrating facades and uncovering authentic intentions. Their skill in detecting falsehoods is remarkable; even if they recognize a lie, they might not confront it directly but will retain the memory of it over time.

8. Nature heals them

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If you suspect a friend is an empath, you may notice their fondness for being outdoors. They frequently seize opportunities for nature walks to replenish themselves with positive energy, as nature holds a special rejuvenating quality for them.

9. They’re often introverts

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Empaths place a high importance on having time alone. Due to an empath having a heightened sensitivity to others’ energies, solitude provides them with the necessary calm and tranquility. They often adopt a social persona to avoid coming across as impolite, making them what’s known as “extroverted introverts” – individuals who engage in social activities despite having introverted tendencies.

10. They are sponges for others’ emotions

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It might not be readily apparent, but on days when you’re feeling low, empaths might be experiencing the same. This is due to their ability to absorb and sense the emotions of others, even feeling a degree of their pain. Despite this, empaths rarely discuss this phenomenon to avoid being labeled as eccentric by a society that often doesn’t understand this aspect of their nature.

11. Empaths are really sensitive

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Empaths possess an innate healing ability and often feel the need to project strength for those around them. They dislike burdening others and consequently conceal their own emotions. Above all, they conceal their profound hypersensitivity, which is a defining aspect of their nature.

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