11 Signs Your Friend Is Toxic And Poisoning Your Good Vibes

Having great friends in your life is a true blessing, but sometimes a bad apple or two can fall into your social circle. When that happens, those toxic friends can really wind up making your life a living nightmare. Why?

Well obviously, their bad attitudes are the absolute worst to hang out with! They’re like a constant black cloud raining down on your party. In case you’re not too sure if your girl is the toxic friend or not, check out these tell tale signs that it’s time to toss that toxic friend into the dump.


1. They’re always critical.


Every time you make a move there they are with the negative critiques. Whether it’s about your job, what you wear, who you date…She’s always got something bad to say about your life.


2. They discredit you.


When you come in with big news like a promotion, they talk it down like it means absolutely nothing.


3. They’re self-centered.


Everything is always about them, and they rarely (if ever) listen to what you have to say.


4. They free-load.


With them, it’s all about taking and never giving. They take advantage of your kindness but are never willing to repay it with even a bit of gratitude.


5. They’re stubborn AF.

When you can get a word in and try to tell them something, they disagree with you to the point that they want to turn a simple opinion you had into an argument.

6. They’re always unhappy.

Whenever you’re with them they are kind of a drag, but they’re also the most pessimistic person you’ve ever seen on social media. Every tweet has a negative tone to it which makes you want to put them on mute.

7. They flake all the time.

Plans with them can never be certain because they are constantly breaking them, and with no real notice at all. You’ll be waiting for them at the movies, and that’s when they’ll text you, “Sorry, can’t make it!”

8. They try and turn people against one another.

Whenever a group gets together they always have something bad to say about the one or two people who couldn’t make it. It’s like they feed off of bringing others down.

9. You walk on eggshells around them.

This goes back to their stubborn ways because you just don’t want to wind up arguing over something stupid like where to grab a drink. So they always end up making you nervous.

10. They’re all about peer pressure.

People think peer pressure ends in high school. Nope. They try and push their bad habits on you like it’s their job.

11. They’re blind to their own flaws.

The worst part is that they don’t realize that they are all of the above and then some.

Via PoutAndAbout