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Six Toxic Mother Types And How To Recognize Each one

Spending your entire life with a toxic mother can make it hard to see the giant red flags because you think their behaviour is normal. But it isn’t. Moms can be some of our greatest allies and biggest supporters, but this isn’t the case for a lot of people. In fact there are a lot of moms out there who aren’t that awesome. It’s kind of a bummer to admit but there are some incredibly toxic moms out there, and not all of them behave the same way. So let’s take a look at different kinds of toxic moms.


Moms all come in different packages. Many are incredibly kind, loving, and supportive. They are always there for their children to help them, while also giving them space to grow and learn on their own.


Of course, those moms can have a bit of an annoying streak–like how they can sometimes come off a bit overbearing or overprotective. But that doesn’t change the fact that they love and want the best for their kids.


But that’s not how it works for many people. There are many moms out there that do more harm than good. A lot of people out there that have to deal with some incredibly toxic mothers.


The 6 types of toxic mothers

It’s a heartbreaking fact of life. Not all toxic moms are the same either. There are quite a few different kinds of toxic behaviors that some moms have adopted when it comes to how they deal with their kids. Let’s take a look at those toxic moms and some of those behaviors.


The Cool Mom

This one has been frequently parodied in comedies, but it can have a lot of lasting consequences on kids. Children need boundaries and someone who can tell them when enough is enough. They have enough friends at school, they need a parent at home.


These types of moms tend to have a problem with sharing the spotlight as well, and tend to fight their kids for the spotlight. They can also become jealous of their kids as well.


The Dismissive Toxic Mother

Mothers need to be involved in their kids’ lives. Dismissive moms don’t have the time for that though and will often completely ignore their children. They don’t make time for their kids and instead put their own needs first.


Dismissive moms often leave their kids trying to do anything to get their attention. They will often push their children away, which causes the kids to try harder to earn their love.


Emotionally Detached Mom

Kids need more than just a few kind words every once in a while. Moms need to become emotionally involved with their kids, or they can have a difficult time learning how to develop emotional attachments to others.


Emotionally detached mothers are never there for their kids when they need them. And in the end their behavior can often cause their children to experience abandonment issues.

The Combative Mom

These kinds of moms are always looking for a fight with their kids. They are always prepared for battle, but refuse to admit it. They are also more frequently known for being abusive to their children as well.

This type of mom is relatively easy to recognize, but after a while many kids will find themselves caught in a cycle and believe they are to blame. If you find yourself always being the one to apologize or if you’re afraid of telling your mom any news, this might be the kind of toxic mom you have.

The Too-Involved Toxic Mother

These types of moms can’t seem to let go of their children. They will constantly baby them and have a difficult time letting them grow up and be on their own.

The mom who is too involved in their kid’s life will often take on tasks the child is old enough to do know. They will also overstep their bounds and overshare or want to be a part of every aspect of their kid’s life.

The Mom You Have to Mother. Sometimes children are more grown up than their parents are. Kids who have to be the parent to their own mom don’t get a chance to enjoy their childhood and tend to struggle with building relationships with others because they were forced to grow up so fast.

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