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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
January 25, 2024 ·  3 min read

Woman Criticized After Revealing ‘Dark Psychology’ Trick She Uses On Men

In the age of digital revelations and unconventional dating advice, TikTok has become a platform where individuals share their insights, strategies, and, sometimes, controversial tricks. Many to navigate the intricate world of relationships. One recent revelation by TikToker Anna Kristina Schmidt has sparked a heated debate as she unveiled her “dark psychology” trick to make men obsess over her. While some found merit in her approach, many quickly dismissed it, branding the technique as toxic.

Anna, unapologetically, asserted that the surefire method is dark psychology to captivate a man’s attention

Anna, unapologetically, asserted that the surefire method is dark psychology to captivate a man's attention
Image Credit: annakrstna TikTok

According to her, treating someone poorly triggers a cascade of insecurities, inducing feelings of rejection. In her explanation, Anna delved into the psychology behind this strategy. Asserting that the brain, in response to rejection, strives for validation, acceptance, and a resolution to eliminate the sense of rejection.

“The more confusing it is, the more they keep thinking about it.” Anna continued, adding that the brain grapples with the irrationality of rejection, fueling a continuous loop of contemplation. She believes that this confusion leads to increased thoughts about the rejection. Sparking a desire for acceptance and, consequently, creating an environment for infatuation to flourish. – the formula behind dark psychology.

However, skepticism arises as Anna suggests that this dynamic is natural in the early stages of a relationship

She warns against women forgetting their worth and identity. Cautioning that when boundaries are neglected, initiative is constantly taken, and availability is abundant, the dynamics shift negatively. The delicate push-and-pull balance fades, resulting in the man losing interest due to a lack of space for pursuit.

Anna clarifies that her intention is not to endorse ruthlessness but rather to remind women not to give away their energy too freely. The response to her advice on TikTok was polarized, with some endorsing her perspective while others vehemently rejected it. Supporters argued that the technique might work temporarily but is an unsuitable foundation for a long-term, meaningful partnership.

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Critics highlighted the necessity for authenticity and opposed the idea of playing games in relationships

Critics highlighted the necessity for authenticity and opposed the idea of playing games in relationships
Image Credit: annakrstna TikTok

I refuse to get a partner this way. The right partner would meet me in my softness,” commented one user, emphasizing the importance of genuine connection. Another cautioned against the potential short-lived success of such a strategy, stating, “This is good advice to get a man temporarily but not a good basis for a long-term life partnership.”

The debate extended to the idea that only a weak man would tolerate rudeness. Thus asserting that a strong and self-respecting individual wouldn’t endure such behavior. Ultimately, the question remains open-ended: Is manipulating emotions through rudeness a viable strategy for building a lasting and fulfilling relationship, or does it merely perpetuate a cycle of temporary infatuation devoid of genuine connection?

The ongoing discourse on TikTok reflects the evolving landscape of modern dating. Where unconventional tactics clash with traditional values, leaving individuals to navigate the complexities in pursuit of authentic and enduring love.

Here’s Francesca’s take on Dark Manipulation

Francesca is a life coach, possesses a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and is a Master NLP. She discusses personality types, body language, and how to find respect and confidence in yourself and digs deeper into the psychology behind relationships and why they either thrive or fail.

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