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Jade Small
Jade Small
January 15, 2024 ·  3 min read

Why Being Single Can Be The Best Thing For Your Personal Growth

There are a lot of people who think that being in a relationship is the only way to find happiness. However, there are actually many reasons for people to stay single. Yes, having a partner is comforting because you can come home after a bad day, and they can help you feel better. But, being out of your comfort zone has been known to aid your personal growth. So, is it possibly better to be single? We have compiled a list of the benefits of being single to help you decide.

1. Learn Who You Really Are

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Who are you besides a loving girl or boyfriend, wife or husband? Are you an adventurer? Or, maybe someone who likes to dive into a good book and relish well-written words. Are you someone who loves the spirituality of life or various cuisines? Being in a relationship means one often muddles their partner’s preferences with their own. We become blind to what makes us individual humans. One of the benefits of being single is getting in touch with the real you.

2. Benefits of Being Single Means You Can Go Anywhere, Anytime

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For single people, the world is their oyster! If they wish to travel, they can do so at any time. Moreover, they can go just about anywhere they wish. Being in a relationship might mean you travel far less and explore places you both want to see so that it’s fair. This can be excruciatingly limiting.

3. Time To Pay Attention To Your Friends

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One of the benefits of being single is having more time to give to your friends. Family and partners are important to some, but we often lose sight of those that provide much sustenance to the soul. Our friends are more than often forgotten as you drift apart. So, not having the distraction of a partner to keep you busy means more friendships to nurture.

4. You Have More Time To Think

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Having a loving partner means you can talk to them on just about anything! This can be comforting, to say the least. But, you aren’t left with much time to think for yourself because your partner constantly offers advice. This can be confusing, as sometimes their word contrasts your thoughts.

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5. Personal Growth is at an All-Time High

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Being within your comfort zone can be, well… Comforting! There is nothing nicer than coming home at the end of a really horrible day and diving into the arms of your beloved. However, studies and researchers have proven that stepping outside your comfort zone is the most effective way to facilitate personal growth. You will discover aspects about yourself you never knew existed.

6. Benefits of Being Single is More Physical Activity

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When you’re in a relationship, you tend to set time aside to spend it together. Not many couples enjoy doing exercise for date night. So, one of the benefits of Being Single is that some of your free time you will be able to put towards physical activity.

7. Open to More Opportunities

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Being single means that when an opportunity comes your way, you’re more likely to take it. If you are in a relationship, you might not want to take a job that requires you to move to a new country. So, this is definitely a worthwhile benefit to being single.

8. Benefits of Being Single, Like Financial Control

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Couples in a relationship are often unbalanced in financial terms. This means one person is left to keep them afloat a lot of the time. One of the benefits of being single is not having to carry your partner financially. You will spend less on groceries, and going out means only paying for yourself.

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