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When a Woman is Done There is Nothing to Change Her Mind

Disney movies leave behind the idea that love is a fairy tale and a lovers’ story always ends happily ever after. But, just because you kissed the girl doesn’t mean she’s gonna stay forever. Relationships are a constant effort to maintain. Once a woman makes up her mind in ending a relationship, the likelihood that she changes it is not particularly high. So, if you think you have found your match – or your ever-after – you better think twice before you take her for granted. Here are some reasons why a woman might decide to leave her relationship for good.

Reasons women have for ending a relationship
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1. She’s Thinking of Ending a Relationship Because She Feels Tied Down

Relationships are meant to make both people involved feel uplifted. They should be encouraged to chase their dreams and accomplish their goals, no matter what. If a woman’s partner is too busy with their own career choices, they might not realize their partner also has dreams of their own. Sometimes our lives are filled with responsibilities. Like children, pets, or a big house that needs tending to. They will need their partner’s help from time to time. That way, they will have some time to themselves so they can focus on their own dreams.

They will seriously consider ending the relationship if their partner does not support their dreams. They will find the idea of leaving so much easier because moving on means they can finally live up to their potential.

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2. Not Being Heard makes Ending a Relationship Easy

Women have been known o be up and down and scattered with their demands and expectations. For centuries, men have tried and tried to fully understand the wants and needs of their women without much success. Communication is a vital aspect of any healthy relationship. When a woman feels like her partner is not listening to her, it can cause her to feel unheard, unsupported, and undervalued.

When a woman repeatedly expresses her feelings or concerns and feels like her partner is not taking her seriously or dismissing her opinions, it can lead to feelings of frustration and resentment. Ending a relationship with someone who doesn’t show he is willing to listen is not uncommon. She will go off to find someone who values her thoughts and feelings by paying attention.

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3. Their Partner is Not Present

Being present comes in many forms. Sometimes, couples have to face a difficult choice. Let’s say their partner gets offered a job abroad, but she cannot join. Long-distance relationships can work, but they require a lot of effort. A woman’s partner would then need to change how they interact with her and show his presence in other ways. For example: sending flowers to her house as a surprise, calling her regularly, but not overwhelmingly, and making sure they ask how she is – and not just on a surface level.

However, sometimes men are absent even though they live with their partners. They spend the majority of their time watching TV, gaming, gambling, playing some sport, working necessarily long hours, or whatever they fancy doing in their spare time. Men need to show they are physically, mentally, and emotionally present. If a woman finds herself waiting around for you too often, she might start thinking of ending a relationship.

Men must be present in their relationships
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4. Lack of Intimacy can Bring Forth the Ending of a Relationship

Intimacy is essential for any romantic relationship. Physical intimacy, such as sex, is a way for partners to connect emotionally and physically. Without it, a woman may feel disconnected and unfulfilled. Additionally, the absence of intimacy can cause a woman to feel unwanted, unattractive, and unloved. Leading to feelings of insecurity and self-doubt.

On the other hand, many men feel they need to have sex to show their appreciation, which is often the last thing on a woman’s mind. Intimacy can also be emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. In other words, women need to feel like they are loved for more than just their sexuality. Having sex does not automatically mean you’re being intimate. So, try some other methods that do not result in sexual activities. Hold her hand, hug her often, look into her eyes, maintain a strong and fluent conversation about something that interests her, or ask her how she truly feels, not just on a surface level.

Intimacy in all forms is important
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5. Ending a Relationship is Easy if She Has No Reason to Stay

Relationships get complicated when children, pets, or even mortgages come into the picture. Often, women will choose to stay in their relationship, no matter how unfulfilling, just because they have commitments together. This is why we see so many couples who should get divorced but stay together for the sake of their kids.

If neither of you has responsibilities like children or pets, or hefty bills to pay, ending a relationship that feels unsupportive or even toxic seems so much easier. There is nothing to hold her there, and she is ready to spread her wings.

Ending a Relationship is Easy if She Has No Reason to Stay
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6. Taken for Granted

On the same note, most women like to be treated as Queens, not princesses. This means they wish not to be belittled by not being included in making plans for their life together. This means that men must treat their women with respect on a mutual level. Both parties have a right to decide, which should be done together.

Additionally, men must ensure she is appreciated for all her efforts. Women will often go out of their way to help their partners, and men must remember to communicate their appreciation. When a woman feels like her efforts and contributions to the relationship are not being acknowledged or appreciated, it can lead to feelings of resentment and dissatisfaction. If a woman feels like her partner is not reciprocating the effort she is putting into the relationship, ending a relationship might seem like her best option.

Ending a relationship is easy if they are taken for granted
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