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Jade Small
Jade Small
March 14, 2023 ·  4 min read

11 Quotes To Remember When You Feel Lost In Life

Feeling lost in life is something so many humans endure. There are so many expectations for us to know exactly what we are doing, and social media only enhances that. But, what many people do not realize is that even the most successful influencers feel lost a lot of the time. So, we have a selection of 11 different inspiring quotes to help you through moments of confusion or indecisiveness.

1. “The fears we don’t face become our limits.”
— Amy Elizabeth

Fear is something every single human has to face throughout their life. If you let yours hold you back from trying something new, you might never fulfill your greatest potential. Face your fears, and you will be one step closer to overcoming them.

Do not let your fears hold you back.
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2. “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” — Maya Angelou’s feeling lost quote

Maybe you have a job that you could only describe as a dead-end. You can either apply for a new job. Or, you need to reframe your thoughts around your current job. Remember, you are not a tree with roots holding you in one place.

Change what you're not happy with - or re-frame the idea you have of it
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3. “You can’t start the next chapter if you keep rereading the last.” — Unknown

This quote reminds us all that we need to look forward in order to move forward. The more you hang onto the past, you will manifest the same things again and again. This makes it harder to progress in life.

Let go of the past and move forward
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4. “To get lost is to learn the way.”

This is an African proverb for those who are feeling lost. It shows us that we need to get lost from time to time. You never know, the path you found by accident might be the best direction for you to go in.

Feeling lost is not always a bad thing.
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5. “Feeling lost? Good! Now you get to walk new paths that lead to much better places.” — Robin S. Sharma

This quote reminds us that feeling lost is an invitation to try new things. If you are unsure what to do, you just need to think outside the box of your comfort. Trying new things can be scary. But, this is where true transformation happens.

Take a new path you have never explored before
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6. “New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.” — Lao Tzu on feeling lost

Life is full of beginnings and endings. But, what if you reframed the idea of an ending of a chapter being more like a new beginning? It might help ease the pain of where you came from as you see it as the start of a new adventure.

Meditate and reframe those thoughts
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7. “Embrace the glorious mess that you are.” — Elizabeth Gilbert

Comparing ourselves to other people who seem to be on top of things is not helpful. Sometimes, being a mess is the start of your journey toward success. Remember, social media is not an accurate depiction of everyone’s lives. Even the most successful people have times when they are feeling lost.

Embrace the true you
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8. “Not all who wander are lost.” — J.R.R. Tolkien

Some people were born to be explorers. This means they might struggle with feeling lost more frequently than others. Tolkien reminds us that wandering aimlessly is a part of the journey to self-discovery.

wanderers do not struggle with feeling lost
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9. “If it doesn’t open, it’s not your door.” – unknown

Sometimes it can be tempting to force something you desire into your reality. But, one sure way to combat feeling lost in life is to walk through the open doorways and steer clear of the locked ones.

If it's closed, try another
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10. “Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” — Henry David Thoreau

Feeling lost might resemble what people call hitting rock bottom. However, the pain and confusion that comes from that teach you more about your true nature than remaining in your comfort zone for your whole life. It helps you know your own boundaries, and work towards the life you want to live.

Losing yourself is the first step in self-discovery
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11. How can I go forward when I don’t know which way I’m facing?” — John Lennon on feeling lost

This might not be an inspirational quote, but John Lennon’s words inspired some thought. If you don’t know which way to go, try not to fall back on old routines and activities. Especially if they were not working for you in the past. Try something completely new – it might surprise you.

Feeling lost? Choose a direction and go.
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