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Jade Small
Jade Small
December 3, 2023 ·  4 min read

10 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle A Strong Woman

The modern world has seen a rise in the confidence of women-folk. For so long, women were subjugated to so many restrictions of societal norms. But, as we have evolved, so have our expectations for how women behave. This has come at a cost, not for women. But, for many men. It seems that strong women are seen as a threat to the male species, and here are 10 reasons why.

1. Strong women honor honesty

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to strong women. They have a strong gut voice telling them when lies are being told. Or if their male partner is simply avoiding the truth. Being honest with your wife or girlfriend is the best way to earn a place in their lives.

Strong women love honest men
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2. Women do not need a man to fend for her

Women are becoming more and more capable of defending themselves. They no longer need a man’s protection as their assertiveness has now become their weapon. Strong women also have the option to learn self-defense, which they can use whenever they feel threatened.

3. Strong Women are financially independent

This point links with the one above. As women become more capable of physically defending themselves, they are becoming more financially independent too. A woman does not have to be married to a man to survive. In fact, many households see strong women as the sole bread-winner in the modern world. This was an unimaginable concept a hundred years ago.

Strong women are financially independent
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4. They are assertive

These days, women have developed a strong and assertive voice. They were once expected to sit silently beside their husband. They are seen and admired for their beauty but not for the power of their voice. Now, strong women know exactly what they want, and they will express their desires strongly. This assertive turn of behavior has come as a shock to many men of today.

5. Intimacy and commitment

We have heard many love stories in the past where men got intimidated by intimacy. That being said, it is more the commitment or a relationship that set off their fight or flight response. Women of today are ready for commitment, and in particular, the intimate aspects of commitment. They are not scared of getting serious about their love interest.

On the other hand, strong women are not obligated to commit to a relationship anymore. More and more women are choosing a life of freedom without commitment. They still see the value of intimacy, but fewer boundaries hold them back.

Being intimate is not scary for strong women
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6. They revel in respect and consistency

Strong women desire respect above many things. They want their partner to honor their opinions and to be consistent with their efforts to listen and understand. By being consistent in this, strong women’s male partners can earn their respect, as it is not just given without thought.

7. Strong women can read between the lines

In the past, men would go out till the late hours of the night. When they returned, they would tell their wife or girlfriend they were working late. Women would choose to accept this. It made things easier for them to accept what they were told as the truth. But now, strong women follow their intuition more than ever. They can read between the lines of their male partners’ excuses, or their lies.

A woman can read between the lies
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8. They will not wait for their man

For many generations, women had to wait for their men to decide whether or not they wanted to commit to a relationship or marriage. But, the modern world sees strong women who are independent and occasionally impatient. They no longer have to wait for them to decide and can make the first move to initiate a relationship themselves. Some men find this intimidating because societal norms have groomed them into thinking they must take the first step.

A woman can make the first move
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9. They love unconditionally

Strong women are often known for their ability to love unconditionally, which can sometimes be intimidating for men. These women have a deep sense of self-awareness and confidence that allows them to approach relationships with an open heart and mind, giving their all without expecting anything in return. This level of commitment can be overwhelming for some men, who may feel challenged or threatened by the strength and independence of their partner.

10. Unapologetically themselves

Strong women of today are unashamed of their emotions. For so long, women were told they were “too much,” or their emotions were “too intense“. However, these days women’s emotions are celebrated. Society is starting to recognize the importance of an intense woman. Now, women can live without constantly apologizing for emotional expressions, something men are still learning to understand.

Women are unapologetically themselves
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