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15 things interesting people do every day

Beauty on the outside is in the eye of the beholder. We each have a certain taste for what we find attractive. The same goes for our inner beauty, as not all personalities are compatible with one another. But what is it that makes certain people stand out and captivate our attention?

What makes them interesting to us? The key lies in our individuality. We are all so unique in our different experiences that not all of us will share the same interests. Therefore, we will not find the same people as fascinating. So, for the sake of curiosity, we have compiled a list of personality traits of interesting people so we can see just what makes us so appealing.

1. What makes people interesting?

This boils down to what you find interesting. Surely you do not find every single person as fascinating as the last. You will have certain personalities you prefer to spend time with because they spark feelings within you. If you wish to be perceived as interesting, you have to prepare yourself for disappointment because the same goes for other people. However, if you pick your company wisely, this will not be a problem for you. There are fascinating people out there for each of us.

We are all unique
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2. Being a good story-teller

Since the dawn of humankind, we have been storytellers. In many tribes across the planet, there is evidence of the stories they told. From cave paintings to the scriptures written so long ago, listening to and appreciating a story is a part of our nature. Interesting people seem to have mastered the art of storytelling. So, if you wish to be an interesting person, you must brush up on this ability. Try to rehearse your favorite stories, so it flows smoothly from start to finish. Additionally, you must try not to get too distracted. This will only confuse your listeners to boredom.

3. Interesting people finish the conversation before starting another

Imagine having just told a long story of something meaningful to you, and the person you’re talking to just suddenly changes the topic. You never got to the punch-line, and they are off on another story that has nothing to do with yours. It can make you feel unappreciated. As if they were never really present, right? Well, being present in a conversation is a keynote to interesting people. Refrain from blurting out the thoughts that come through as you are listening to another person speaking.

Let them finish speaking first
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4. Interesting people are optimistic

Not all of us are lucky enough to be pessimistic as well as interesting like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. Being a negative nancy is a sure way to socially distance yourself. Interesting people are far more optimistic than others. This is what makes them stand out in a world filled with so much bad news.

5. Be real

There is nothing worse than meeting someone who is as fake as 90% of the shoes on this planet. Authenticity is the key component of a fascinating person. Other interesting people will notice immediately if someone is faking it, and it is a serious turn-off. They will divert their interest almost immediately. So, be real and authentic. Do not pretend to be something you’re not.

BE authentically yourself
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6. Knowledge is power

Another majorly important ingredient for interesting people is having a fair amount of knowledge. The more you know, the more you can contribute to a conversation. If you have a broad spectrum of knowledge, you will be able to participate in more topics. This is what makes people so interesting. To know so much about the world that others start to look up to you.

7. Interesting people listen

This one is similar to point number two. One must be able to listen to another person and let them finish speaking before interjecting the conversation. In a professional debate, the speaker finished their point, and then the counter-argument starts. This is not to say that every conversation will be competitive; some might. But people will find you far more interesting if you can listen first and then speak.

Listen first, then speak
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8. Interesting people do not bore others

This seems like a broad statement to make, right? Well, as annoying as it sounds, it is the truth. An interesting person will never be the source of boredom. You might be telling the most fascinating story or sharing a mind-bending piece of information about the world, but an artist should always be aware of their audience. Interesting people will always notice if the topic is too much for someone, and they will divert their attention somewhere else. It doesn’t matter how much you love the topic of conversation, you need to pick the right people to share it with.

9. Open your mind to new concepts and ideas

Being a rigid person is sure a sure method of boredom. Opening your mind to the possibility of more is far more fascinating. This way, you will relate with more people as you are able to converse about various topics. Refusing to acknowledge certain concepts or ideas is extremely limiting. You have so much more potential, so open up that heart and mind. you might surprise yourself.

10. Interesting people aspire to something unique

Ever heard of the term sheeple? Well, sheeple is a term used to describe people who stick to the status quo. They move with the flock and dare not divert from the path. In other words, they go through life doing what society and their families expect of them. However, interesting people might dream bigger than most. They will aspire to something that few have accomplished before. Or, they will have an interesting twist on a concept revisited many times.

Interesting people are expressive
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11. Be expressive!

It is always a good idea to express what you are thinking. Interesting people hardly hold back if they have something to share. You never know; it might be the key to someone’s conundrum. That being said, one needs to remember point numbers three, seven, and eight. One must always allow a conversation to flow without changing the topic so suddenly. Additionally, one must listen and allow others to finish what they are saying before interjecting. Furthermore, one must always remember to choose one’s audience. So what if quantum physics is not as interesting to some people?

12. Interesting people are inclusive

We all have had that one teacher who spoke in that mono-toned voice for the entire class. Every class you’d spend counting down the minutes till you were released from the torment. then there are those teachers that taught inclusively. They would have open conversations where the students were allowed to express an opinion. These lessons are far more captivating than the former. The same can be said for interesting people. They ask the opinion of others in their conversations. For example: “So, do you agree?” Or, “what are your thoughts, Suzan?”

13. Have a rant, then move on

Let’s use the best friend as an example. When your bestie is going through something intense in their life, we tend to know all about it. However, each time another good friend joins the conversation, they need to be caught up to speed on the on-goings. Admit it, it is a little boring to listen to them rant about the same thing over and over. We endure it because we love them; they’re going through a time. However, you can take a lesson from this. Try not to drone on about your frustrations or bad experiences too much. Remember point number four, optimism is key to seem interesting.

14. Interesting people like to make others laugh

Making people laugh can make you very interesting. Laughter or good humor is a sure way to make someone feel more relaxed, or at ease when around you. It break down barriers and create a sense of connection or friendship between people.

Find something funny to say
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15. Be passionate

Interesting people will be passionate about something or possibly many things. This shows you are interested in the world, and thus, people will find you fascinating. Having passions for different things can broaden one’s perspective on the world, leading to unique insights and a diverse range of interests. Overall, having passions can make you an interesting person because it showcases your personality, your values, and your unique way of approaching the world around you.

Find your passion in life. There might even be more than one
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