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Jade Small
Jade Small
May 2, 2024 ·  3 min read

8 Behaviors People Don’t Realize They Display Because They Are Spiritually Awake

Being spiritually awake doesn’t mean that you are better than anyone else. But it does mean that you think a little differently or inclusively. Spiritually aware people are more aware of themselves and others. They also tend to behave in different ways. We have listed eight different behaviors that spiritually awake people tend to do – even if they do not realize it.

1. Alone time is a must 

Some of you may not have realized how much you prefer to stay home alone. Then again, the fact that spiritually awake people have zero patience for the unethical decisions most of society tends to make daily might reveal why they keep to themselves. Moreover, they can do almost anything that doesn’t require a partner by themselves. This includes going out for a meal at a restaurant, traveling solo, or going on spiritual retreats. 

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2. There is more to life than what meets the eye

Being spiritually awake gives spiritually awake people a different outlook on life. They simply cannot accept that this is it, and we become the earth when we die. Yes, that may be true in our physical form, but you know, without a doubt, there is much more to this universe we live in than what our human minds can perceive. 

3. Research everything

Being told something interesting or mindblowing might be cool. But that is not the end of the story for spiritually awake people. They want to confirm every last detail. So, they spend as much time reading all the content as they can so that they are as informed as they possibly can be.

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4. You have the desire to save the planet

Spiritually awake people are able to see the bigger picture in many situations. This helps them see solutions that others cannot. So, because they can see how things could improve, they have a burning desire to put their theories into action.

5. Never moving with mainstream

Being fashionable has never been an interest of spiritually awake people, or at least not since their awakening. They find no interest in how everyone follows the fads like a flock of sheep. They do their own thing, no matter how many eyebrows they raise along the way.

6. You like listening to people and giving advice

A psychologist or life coach might preach to never give advice. But, for the spiritually awake person, it is second nature. One of your favorite parts of life is being able to listen to people’s problems and help sort them out.

7. Open mind, open heart

Those without the necessary spiritual work might remain rigid and closed off to new ideas. But this is not the case for the spiritually woke. When someone approaches them with a new idea, they jump at the opportunity. They have spent too much time doubting themselves and their abilities. Now that they are spiritually awake, they are open to it all.

8. Authority is not your friend

At the end of the day, you follow the rules that will keep you and your loved ones safe. However, you are immediately on edge whenever an authoritative figure comes into your reality. You do not like how they dominate situations so they get their way every time.

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