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Jade Small
Jade Small
February 10, 2024 ·  3 min read

Guy Lists His ‘Requirements’ For His Next Girlfriend, And I Get Why He’s Single

All of us have a mental list of what we look for in a partner, be it a good sense of humor, intelligence, or just wanting to be with someone who shares similar hobbies. With that said, none of us should be posting an oddly specific list of attributes our next girlfriend (or boyfriend) should be like or look like. It’s one thing to prefer someone taller or even a type of hair colour, but to compile a specific list of overwhelmingly shallow criteria for your next girlfriend? We think that might be going a little too far.

The impossible next girlfriend list

User u/loveprintemps took to Reddit recently, armed with screenshots of one of the most ridiculous and toxic things we’ve had the displeasure of seeing. The screenshots were from what appears to be a Facebook post. Bear in mind, since this list appeared on a Reddit thread, there’s no real way of knowing for sure if anyone actually posted this insane list! Either way, if it is real, it’s shocking, to say the least. To make matters worse, it would appear this is his revised version (v2.0).

next girlfriend list
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His list begins with, you guessed it, the physical attributes he wants his next girlfriend to have

man's requirements to be his girlfriend v2.0: decent boobs, muscular butt, abs, nice hair, works out regularly
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He then moves on to other “important” factors

requirements include: no debt, no bad tattoos, no kids, between 18–40, thick muscular thighs, and pretty
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Thought it couldn’t get worse? Well, here’s where the extremely toxic part comes in

requirements include: cannot have guy friends, i have to check her phone once a week, I must be present when she hangs out with her girlfriends and no girls nights out, have a decent job, do everything i say, has to call me every day
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Of course, to end it all off, he makes sure to mention some more things his next girlfriend will have to do

requirements include: cook me dinner 5 nights a week, come with me on dates, do nice things for me, give me a nice gift at least once a month, having kids must be an option, help around the house
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Here’s what people thought

We don’t think it’s possible for anyone to actually think this horrific list is okay. Nor is it achievable – kudos to him if he actually manages to find all the above in his next girlfriend! Regardless, the internet was also, unsurprisingly mortified by the criteria this guy had. Here are some of the comments from Reddit. Some of them are pretty funny but oh so spot on!

People should encourage these kids of FB posts (from both men and women) as it helps the sane people know who to avoid. Too much of dating life is wasted when you have to go on actual date and only then you find out about the crazy.


The date thing is very weird, was he expecting to date other people but bring you along? And I can almost guarantee the ‘help’ with housework means you do it all. Why can’t guys just come out and say I’m looking for a young perfect 10 woman to be my personal slave while giving her nothing in return and isolating her from friends and family, why not admit it?


Apparently he isn’t the only one out there…

What a catch!

I saw something like this on a flat share website when I was looking for a room to rent years ago. This one ad came up from some guy saying, “Single female flatmate wanted. I’m really into video games so I don’t come out of my room much so I want a single female flatmate who can use the kitchen to cook for me and also do feminine things like clean, wash up and doesn’t mind doing my laundry. Also must be interested in starting a relationship with me and be okay with sleeping with me. Also can’t have friends over or go on dates without my approval. ” The advert went on like this for a bit.

Like how bad do you have to be to think posting something like that is in any way acceptable?


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