This Couple Just Got Married- He’s 100 And She’s 103

For all of you who think love has an age limit, it doesn’t.

In fact, you may end up lucky in love at a later stage in life, so don’t give up hope on finding your forever person. They might be waiting for you where you least expect it.


Newlyweds John and Phyllis Cook are celebrating their new lives together at their Ohio senior living facility.


John is a World War II veteran who just turned 100, and Phyllis will turn 103 on August 8. Longevity runs in Phyllis Cook’s family; her mother lived to be 106.


The couple went to the courthouse to get their marriage license last week and found out they could get married on the spot.


“It wasn’t the plan, but we got here and they said, ‘we could marry you here.’ I said ‘good, let’s get it over with,’ ” John Cook told CNN affiliate WNWO.


It wasn’t a rash decision: They had been dating for about a year before they tied the knot.


“To tell you the truth, we fell in love with each other. I know you think that may be a little bit farfetched for somebody our age, but we fell in love with each other,” Phyllis Cook told WNWO.


Both Cooks had lost two spouses in the past and feel lucky to have found love a third time.



“Congratulations to the newlyweds! John and Phyllis met while living at Kingston. At the young ages of 103 and 100 years old they decided to get married! It’s never too late to find love!!! Join us in congratulating the happy couple!”

“We were just compatible in a whole lot of ways, found ourselves enjoying each other’s company,” John Cook said.

They spend their days together enjoying meals, sitting in the sun and zipping down the halls of the Kingston Residence of Sylvania in their mobility scooters, but they also give each other space.

“What we do, we keep both of our apartments. He’s upstairs, and I’m down,” Phyllis Cook said.

The couple plans to keep busy and enjoy their time together.

How sweet is this story? We hope you enjoyed this inspirational feel-good news!

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