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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
December 10, 2023 ·  3 min read

11 Modeling Secrets That Reveal What’s Really Going On Behind The Scenes

Many individuals believe that the sole requirement for models in the fashion industry is to maintain their physique through diet and exercise, simply strutting down the runway, grabbing attention, and posing in front of cameras. However, the reality is more complex. Delving behind the scenes of the modeling business reveals their extensive efforts to succeed in their profession. We take a look at some eye-opening modeling norms that aren’t so normal after all:

Bathrooms are off-limit during modeling casting

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Bathroom breaks are off-limits during castings, even for essential needs such as dealing with menstrual cycles. Model Victoria Cain, experienced in various advertising campaigns for renowned beauty brands, discloses the challenges faced during castings. Victoria admits to wearing black during periods to conceal potential leaks, emphasizing the strict no-bathroom rule, which could result in losing one’s casting spot due to fierce competition.

Tattoos aren’t exactly welcomed

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While tattoos are generally discouraged in the industry, some brands prefer inked models. However, visible tattoos can limit a model’s audience, leading many to choose inconspicuous locations for their ink, as exemplified by Kaia Gerber, Gisele Bündchen, Adriana Lima, Chanel Iman, and Kendall Jenner.

No underwear on the runway while modeling

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Models often walk the runway sans underwear, especially when donning tight dresses or trousers to avoid visible panty lines that could detract from the overall look. This practice, including using G-strings, not only maintains aesthetics but also saves time during quick outfit changes.

Snipping the strings from tampons

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During menstruation, they must rely solely on tampons while wearing thongs, as sanitary pads are impractical. To avoid accidental exposure, models either tuck in or remove the tampon string.

Cutting off liquids 12 hours before shows

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Some models, like Adriana Lima, adopt extreme measures before lingerie shows, abstaining from solid foods nine days prior and ceasing all liquid intake 12 hours before the event. Nutritionists express concerns about the approach but note its short-term impact on health.

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Feasts happen after shows

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After enduring strict diets and rigorous show preparations, they indulge in post-show feasts. Victoria’s Secret models, for instance, celebrate with pizza, savoring the freedom after weeks or months of dietary restrictions.

Plus sized? That doesn’t mean they get to eat whatever they wish

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Contrary to common misconceptions, plus-size models face challenges in maintaining a balanced diet to avoid obesity while upholding the desired physique. Their journey involves adhering to a well-balanced diet for optimal shape without compromising health.

Eye drops for brighter eyes

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During busy schedules, models use eye drops to maintain bright, expressive eyes. Duckie Thot, for instance, incorporates this into her routine, along with drinking a full bottle of water upon waking.

Dry, dandruff-plagued hair is common

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Models frequently contend with dandruff, a consequence of daily hairstyling procedures such as tight updos, gel application, hairspray use, and exposure to heated tools. Some, including Kylie Jenner, Nicola Peltz, and Gigi Hadid, delay hair washes to allow their scalp and hair to recover.

No real curves – they’re usually padding

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To achieve seemingly impossible curves, they employ special padding for their buttocks, hips, and breasts. Even plus-size models utilize these enhancements.

Fashion tape is a game changer

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Double-sided fashion tape becomes a crucial tool for models showcasing lingerie, preventing wardrobe malfunctions by securing bras and enhancing cleavage with specialized inserts.

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