This Model With Down Syndrome Just Rocked New York Fashion Week

Ready to see something that will make your entire day shine brighter? Here’s a story from New York fashion week with an inspirational twist:

It’s not a secret that the fashion industry puts a lot of pressure on women. Glossy magazines, luxurious window displays, or sizzling catwalk looks create a narrow beauty ideal to follow.

While this staged fantasy world keeps failing young women around the world, a breath of fresh air strolls right in!

Meet Sofía Jirau, Puerto Rican beauty and ambitious model with Down syndrome who is taking New York Fashion Week by storm.

“Inside and out there are no limits. You can accomplish your dreams too!” the woman states on her Instagram profile where she inspires her 60K followers. She’s right—it’s you who created the limits, but now it’s time to break them.

On February 10, Sofía Jirau fulfilled her childhood dream of modeling in New York by rocking the ramp at the New York Fashion Week (NYFW). However, this badass fashion model is just getting started.

Having checked one item off her bucket list, the ambitious and highly talented 22-year-old now has her sights set on dominating the global fashion industry. With a burning passion for modeling and an incredible drive to achieve her dreams, Jirau disproves all misconceptions about what an individual with Down Syndrome can and cannot do.

She knows there are no limits to what she can achieve and won’t rest until the world wakes up to see her potential.

Jirau’s thirst for life is almost contagious—not only she is an aspiring model, but she also runs her own fashion brand called “Alavett” and pursues a career as a young businesswoman. Jirau explains that the shop, which is named after her favorite phrase “I love you” is “her shout of joy to the whole world.”

The online boutique, which offers anything from cute purses to lovely stickers, is run with a vision to rock the world by getting into people’s hearts. The Puerto Rican girl dreams of becoming an inspiration to all the people who are born with the same chromosomes as her.

What an inspirational woman for all the world to admire!