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Jade Small
Jade Small
July 27, 2023 ·  6 min read

What You See In These Pictures Says A Lot About Your Life

Optical illusions have long captivated the human mind, mesmerizing our eyes and leaving us with many questions. These intriguing images are not merely visual tricks to deceive the eye, but they offer us a profound introspective journey, revealing the intricacies of human perception on a personal level. Today we have ten different optical illusions that will have you questioning everything about yourself. They may even help reveal more about you and your life.

1. What Do You See First?

the duck or the rabit?
Image credit: Awareness Act

This image is intriguing, revealing how you understand yourself and the world around you. If you saw a duck first, you are the light of the party—an extrovert who thrives on social activities and prefers not to be alone. You like thinking and acting quickly and can work well under pressure.

If you saw a rabbit first, you are a tortoise-wins-the-race kind of person. This means that you do not like to jump head-first into an idea. You prefer to think about it first and plan accordingly with attention to detail. When you want something done, you’ll make sure to do it the right way. Additionally, you tend to be more introverted. A homebody, if you will. Instead of having lots of friends, you keep a tight circle of close friends.

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2. The Vase or The Faces in Profile?

Do you see the finer details or do you like to plan ahead?
Image credit: John Smithson / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

Edgar John Rubin, a Danish philosopher, and psychologist, created this optical illusion to determine people’s strengths and weaknesses. If you are the kind of person who saw the two faces, then you are the kind of person who sees the finer details. You can also intuitively understand the processes to accomplish unknown tasks. If you saw the vase first, then you are the kind of person who skips past the small things, and you naturally think of the bigger picture.

3. Which Circle is Bigger?

Which is bigger?
Image credit: Visme

Most people think that the circle on the right is bigger than the orange circle on the left. If you did, this is exactly the point of the illusion. In reality, both orange circles are the same size, but your eyes will perceive it as being bigger because it is surrounded by smaller circles. This doesn’t necessarily reveal aspects of your personality, but seeing how our eyes work with our minds is still interesting.

4. Young Woman, Or an Old Man?

Over thinker, or adventurous spirit?
Image credit: playbuzz

At first glance, you might see one of two images. If you are someone who saw the old man with a big nose looking downward, then you are someone who likes to analyze everything. You are a critical thinker, which may not always benefit you because you work things up in your mind too much. This is largely because you are highly empathetic and sensitive to the needs of others.

If you saw the young woman looking in the opposite direction, you are impulsive and like to get things done as quickly as possible. Your optimism gives you the faith you need to spur you on toward quenching your adventurous spirit.

5. The Skull, or the Woman Looking in a Mirror?

Smaller details or the grand scheme?
Image credit: Charles Allan Gilbert / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

If you saw the skull first, then you tend to overlook the minor things in life. You prefer to see the grand scheme of things, or the end goal if you will. Those who see the woman looking in the mirror, you prefer to focus on attention to detail. You do not want to miss a step.

6. Do You See a Younger or Older Woman?

How old are you?
Image credit: Live Science

This image was said to reveal how old you are by who you see first. If you see the young woman who is facing away, you’re most likely someone still in their youth. If you saw the older woman, it would show that you are a senior. This was tested in a scientific study in the journal Scientific Reports.

7. The Lynx, Or the Bird?

The lynx or the bird?
Image credit: Daily Star

This image is particularly mesmerizing because it is two photographs merged into one. It looks majorly realistic. If you are someone who saw the lynx at first glance, then you are a leader at heart. You can better come up with ideas and then delegate them into action. However, if you saw the hummingbird first, you would be a natural at starting your own business. You know how to get things done and can be relied upon to do so.

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8. Who is the Smartest?

Who is more intelligent?
Image credit: CultureHook

Take a look at this image, and think about who is the smartest person. If you say that number one is the smartest, you’re optimistic and live by their own rules. If you chose number 2, you are a determined person who is often called stubborn. Number three means you are extremely logical, yet sometimes a little too cautious. Lastly, number four means you are rebellious and a fun-loving person.

9. The Faces or the Tree?

the faces or the tree?
Image credit: TikTok

According to a TikToker who posted various optical illusions to his account, there are two images here. If you saw the tree first, he said, “This means you have a very high attention to detail and you’re also really good at reading people’s moods.” But, those who see the faces first he said you are probably “much better at staying calm and dealing with people, even if they’re nervous.”

10. Young Couple Enjoying Some Music, Or the Old Couple?

The young couple, or the old couple?
Image credit: Octavio Ocampo / WikiArt / Fair Use

An artist who focuses on surrealism created this masterpiece called Forever Always. It shows two images. Some see the young couple sitting side by side at first, which shows that you are still in your youth. They can revel in the fact that they have their whole lives ahead of them. Those who see the older couple’s profiles have accomplished their goals and live in contentment.

11. The Man Playing a Saxophone or the Woman’s Face?

Are you a creative person or an analytical thinker?
Image credit: TikTok

If you see the woman’s face at first glance, this means your brain’s right side is more dominant, making you a creative person who expresses yourself easily. If you saw the man playing the saxophone first, you are more analytical and base your decision on logical thought.

12. Wolverine or Two Batmans?

wolverine, or Batman
Image credit: /u/devnodegree / Reddit

This image is for superhero lovers. If you saw the two Batman faces mirroring each other, then you probably prefer DC comics. Naturally, if you saw Wolverine at first glance, then you probably are a Marvel fan.

We hope you had fun taking a look at these illusions! We know we did. Remember don’t take the results too seriously; this is all a bit of fun!

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