Jade Small
Jade Small
December 5, 2023 ·  2 min read

10 of the World’s Most Peaceful Countries to Live in

In the realm of the Global Peace Index‘s observations since 2008, a disquieting trend has emerged, showcasing the world’s declining safety. Yet, amidst this turmoil, a handful of nations emerge as serene sanctuaries, providing safe and secure spaces for families. Here’s a reimagined glimpse into some of the most tranquil nations, based on the 2014 Global Peace Index:

New Zealand

Man Standing on Sea Shore

New Zealand consistently tops the charts as a bastion of safety, boasting low crime rates, political stability, and a staunch commitment to human rights. Its natural allure and welcoming atmosphere draw visitors from across the globe.

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Norway stands proudly among the friendliest and most peaceful nations, celebrated for its low violent crime rates and astute oil investments. Rich in Viking heritage and adorned with breathtaking landscapes, it’s a captivating destination.


Nyhavn, Denmark

Denmark prioritizes economic growth over conflicts, nurturing a society that champions progressive reforms in healthcare, gender equality, and social responsibility. Its educated and tolerant populace embraces a serene lifestyle, notably in Copenhagen, the bike capital.



Iceland emerges from a challenging banking crisis, showcasing strides toward progress, a 100% literacy rate, and a culture fostering low crime and violence. Its natural wonders and contented inhabitants define happiness and health.

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Finland, despite occasional peacekeeping missions, invests substantially in education and healthcare, fostering high living standards and contentment. Its low corruption and placid nature make it an inviting haven.


Zürich, ZH, Switzerland

Switzerland, renowned for luxury, invests heavily in its economy and the well-being of its citizens, evident in superior healthcare, education, and harmonious multicultural coexistence.



Japan, steeped in rich culture and societal values, stands as a peaceful haven, alluring tourists with its technological marvels and historical sites.


AB, Canada

Canada’s high living standards and open-armed attitude toward migrants create a multicultural society built on equality. Its avoidance of military conflicts and provision of essential services attract newcomers.

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Hallstatt, Oberösterreich, Austria

Austria, having steered clear of confrontations post-World Wars, thrives on flexible foreign policies and an educated populace. Vienna’s livability and innovative economy enhance its appeal.


Bruges, Flanders, Belgium

Belgium, though small, thrives on the world stage, offering elevated living standards, education, and healthcare. Its historical architecture and artistic treasures captivate enthusiasts.

These nations, despite global unrest, serve as resilient sanctuaries in a turbulent world, offering solace and security with their rich natural resources and democratic ethos.

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