cross road of courage and fear
Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
October 16, 2023 ·  3 min read

What You See First May Reveal How You Approach Life Choices

Optical illusions are mysterious phenomena, even to science. It has not yet been understood completely as to how your mental stature can determine how you perceive images visually. As such, it can be used to provide valuable insight into our lives. Recently, an optical illusion claimed that how we see major choices in life can be revealed depending on what see first. @psychologylove100, an account on TikTok, was the original poster of the image.

In the clip, a male narration generated using the help of AI explains the optical illusion. The account is quite popular because of its regular feature of brain teasers, illusions, and puzzles. Presently, there are over 358,000 people following the informative account. This clip has been seen over 17,000 times and has been liked 1000 times. As such, users cannot fathom which one is the correct option.  

The Optical Illusion Test For Big Choices

Take a look at this image:

What do you see first? The first image to stand out is the true answer, for you, to this illusion so remember it. Now, if you have not noticed, then there are two noticeable elements in the optical illusion. They are either a young girl sitting underneath some trees, or you may see some bones and a skull. The question it answers is whether you are fearful or courageous. Here are the explanations according to what you saw first:

Skull and Crossbones: According to the narrator, spotting this first means that you are on the courageous side. As such, you do not shy away from taking risks if it is necessary. Furthermore, you know that achieving certain results requires you to break your limits. You desire a life filled with personal achievements and success. So, you do not have a reason to hesitate at the thought of exiting your comfort zone. After you make a decision, you confront the consequences, no matter what, bravely. Regardless of the outcome, you are certain they are learning experiences. Finally, the narrator advises that you are admired for your strength and determination to face any and all obstacles that you might face.

Little Girl: As per the explanation, spotting this would indicate that bravery is not always your response. It’s not like you avoid every risk. However, when you do take them, you eventually give up. You usually do so because you become too afraid of failure. The narrator explains that failing and having to face things outside your plan absolutely terrifies you. Even though fear is a normal, human, and vital emotion, it becomes harmful if it controls everything. You are choosing an unchanging and monotonous life if even the smallest choices are taken in fear.

Internet’s Reaction

In conclusion, the narrator says the secret to material and financial success is not a miracle. Rather, it is perseverance and ambition. There are several comments of people spotting either one. One commented: “The SKULL but not x bones. But yeah, I know I am d**n brave, and VERY dangerous “the ones that know me, KNOW”.

Comment on optical illusion
Comment on illusion
Image Credits: TikTok

Others who saw the girl had less reactive responses. One said: “I saw the girl”. While another one added: “No wonder my life is dull.”

So, which one did you see, and did the verdict match? Let us know in the comments below! Also, here are some more such optical illusion tests that you may like: