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When You Meet Your Soulmate And They’re Not Single, It’s Actually A Good Thing

Many people wait to finally meet their soulmate and have the relationship they have always dreamed of. Yet for some, maybe even in your case, you meet your soulmate only to find out they aren’t single. Is this some kind of cruel joke? What did the universe assign a soulmate to you for if they are unavailable? What should you do when your soul mate isn’t single?

Some people encounter a soulmate who is married or in a long-term relationship. Does this mean the soulmate connection is all in their head? Why on earth would the universe bring soulmates together if they cannot be together? What could be the purpose of having a soulmate that is not single and available?


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When your soul mate isn’t single…

The universe created soulmate couples for a reason. The universe also decides when soulmates meet, and there is also reasoning behind their timing. You may meet your soulmate when they have just begun a relationship with someone else. The reason the universe may have brought about your meeting is so your soulmate gains some clarity.


They may not end their new relationship right away. Their new relationship may serve a purpose for your soulmate relationship somewhere down the line. There may be experiences your soulmate needs to have, to learn from, before entering into a relationship with you. It also could be that your soulmate needed to meet you so that their new relationship does not get too serious.


Your soulmate may not be ready to face the challenges of a soulmate relationship. They may have to work through the challenges of their current relationship beforehand. Soulmate relationships can be very difficult and some past experience can be helpful down the line. It drives people crazy and makes them so depressed that their soulmate is not single. They feel the universe made some big mistake and they are being punished somehow.


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Everything happens for a reason

The universe may have no other way to help guide your soulmate out of the relationship they are already in. Your soulmate may be stuck in the wrong relationship. They may have given up on wanting more and settled for less. This is where you come in. Who else but a soulmate could give them the strength or courage they need to get out of a relationship that does not work for them?


Unfortunately it can take quite a bit of time for your soulmate to get out of their current relationship. They may be so deeply enmeshed in a dysfunctional relationship that they can’t see their way out of it. They may love you and want to be with you but have a hard time letting go. This is part of their lesson and their growth. Your meeting them was part of their lesson plan. It will be hard to be patient, and have faith that they will leave some day.


You must consider thought not all soulmates will leave a bad relationship to be with their soulmate. Sometimes they just don’t all have the courage or are unable to make the right choices.


Should you pull away from a soulmate that is not single? Should you enter into a friendship or an affair? What is the right way to handle it when your soulmate is not single? Well, each soulmate couple is different. Their circumstances, lessons, and life path are all different. There is no cookie cutter answer that fits for all soulmates.

It may seem like the end of the world if your soulmate is not single. In truth, it isn’t always as bad as it may seem.

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