4 Signs You Are Close To Finding Your Soulmate

Are You About to Meet Your Soulmate?

Part of our sacred human experience is the eternal quest to find our life-long, true love—our soulmate. This is one of the most common concerns I help callers ask their guides and angels about.

Is your soulmate on the way?

When is my soulmate coming into my life? How can I tell when I’ve found him or her? Thankfully, our angels have many signs to help us know when we are coming closer to finding our soulmate relationship.

1. The Mystery of the Disappearing Exes.

I have lost track of the number of times I’ve had a caller say “I have excellent relationships with all my exes. But now none of them will talk to me. What did I do?” I almost always see that the person receiving the reading is growing and blossoming spiritually and starting to release the security blanket of those failed relationships. Their higher consciousness has realized that it’s time to let go. The former lovers are not coming back and that true love is on the way.

2. The Copycat Strikes Back!

Often, a copycat shows up before the real deal comes along. This happened to me, my friends, and to many of my callers. A while ago, I was with someone we will call “Ash.” He was sweet, soft-spoken, with long, dark hair, big, dark eyes and a stunning smile. But we lived thousands of miles apart and he worked nights and I worked days. It didn’t work out. Later, I met another man also named “Ash” who was similar in so many ways to my ex, it was almost scary. However, he was local and we had time for each other! Often the copycat shares the same name, physical features, hometown and even career with your actual soulmate. So when you see someone entering your life who is perfect except one or two deal breakers, that’s a sign that your soulmate is on the way!

3. Who Are You, and Where Have I Met You Before?

Have you had that moment? The one where you see a person or place and feel an inexplicable sense of familiarity? This is usually something in our spirit responding to a past life memory. We recognize a person, situation, building, song or even smell but we just can’t place the origin. When we are about to come into contact with a true soulmate we usually see these kinds of coincidences. We may need to step away from these to learn certain soul lessons, but when it is time to really connect with our life partner, the Universe has a way of drawing us back into connection with our soul family.

4. Soulmate? What Soulmate?

For many of us, finding our soulmate feels almost like a quest. I know it was for me! There is this inner drive that propels us to search. It is often almost as if we are turning over every rock and asking, “Is my soulmate under there?” Many times though, as we draw closer to the moment we meet our soulmate, this internal engine seems to slow down. This happens because on a deep level, part of us knows that our mate is nearby and will soon be in our arms.

When you see several or all of these factors entering your life, it may be a strong sign from your guides that your life-long partner is on their way.

Being in love is a life experience that everyone deserves.

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