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18 Signs You’ve Met Your Soulmate

In a spiritual sense, it is believed that the name of your energetic half is predetermined. Every soul has its perfect match- their soulmate. And there are some very specific signs you’ve met your soul mate.


Even though most people think of a soulmate as someone who will fill your life with harmonious bliss, a soulmate is actually the person who ‘completes you.’


Jerry McGuire had it right – soulmates complete one another, and we all need someone to help us become a better person. Sometimes, this experience is unpleasant.


It is uncomfortable to push ourselves beyond our usual emotional and mental limits, but this helps us to find a better version of ourselves.


Oftentimes, your soulmate will appear in disguise. Maybe you won’t even be physically attracted to each other at first. But you’ll feel a mysterious force nudging you forward that says this one is right for you.


Whether you’ve made a list of what your ideal partner consists of, or not, leave the checklist alone. Move past what you think you want and listen to the Universe.


The Signs You’ve Met Your Soul Mate

You just know it

There is a gut feeling you have that this is the perfect one for you. The most powerful force we have as humans is our intuition- listen to it!


Your paths have crossed before

Soulmates know each other from sharing a past. Maybe you two didn’t connect then, but you were in the same place and time.


You meet each other when the time is right

The thing about soulmates is that both people must be ready to receive the soul connection. Meeting and connecting to your soulmate takes mental fortitude and preparation. Maybe you have to go through having your heart broken again and again, or maybe the other person needs to forget about their checklist. Either way, you both connect when the time is right.


Your quietness is peaceful

While some relationships find difficulty in being together in silence, soulmates have peace between them in their quietness. If your driving in the car together, sitting at the park, or each reading your own non-fiction novel, the quiet space between you is filled with serenity.


You know what the other person is thinking

When it comes to soulmates, they have amazing non-verbal communication skills. Whether they think something, or are about tho think something, you are both so connected that you don’t always need words.

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You are empathic with their pain

One of the key signs you’ve met your soul mate! Soulmates know each other well enough to share everything- even vibrations. When they are happy, you are happy. And when they are sad or suffering, you are as well.

You embrace the good and the bad in each other

Soulmates can see the good in you, but they also see the good in your bad. Our flaws can have their good sides too, and your spiritual other half knows this. If you are overly organized, you’re probably great at paying bills on time. If you’re obsessive about where socks go, well you probably have a very clean house.

You share similar life goals

As far as ethics, values, and goals, you are both on the same page. You might have different methods, but the end result is the same.

You’re not afraid of talking things out

Expressing concerns or having serious discussions can be a real nightmare for some couples- but not soulmates. They know that communication is a good thing and use it in a positive way.

You understand they need alone time

Another one of the strong signs you’ve met your soul mate. We all need personal space to sit and reflect. Being with your soulmate can be intense, and they know that too. Resetting and rebalancing your individual energies helps you both.

You don’t get jealous

Soulmates are secure in their relationship. They know that they are the only one, and because of this, they don’t get jealous.

You respect each other’s opinions

Soulmates are not replicas of each other; they are individuals. Each has their own opinions and differences that make them unique. This can make things interesting. Soulmates understand the differences and opinions, and respect them as well.

You’re not mean

Of course you get angry from time to time, but soulmates don’t take it out on each other or get mean about it. They don’t say hurtful or nasty things, and they don’t make threats.

You want to make them happy

A smile is the highest form of vibration- it can change almost anything! Soulmates want you to be as happy as you can be, as often as possible. Because of this, they often make sacrifices just for you.

You can say sorry

It might not be easy for some people to admit when they are wrong, or when they have accidentally hurt someone, but that’s not the case with soulmates. They can say “I’m sorry.”

You would do it all again

You know this is your perfect match. Through all the ups and downs, you wouldn’t change a thing. In fact, you would do it all again.

You complete each other

We are each random puzzle pieces who are searching for our match. Soulmates complete each other in the best sense of the phrase. You might be extroverted, and their introversion keeps you level. Or, you might prefer gardening, and they prefer cooking. Either way, you both work together perfectly.

Being in each other’s arms fixes everything

There is nothing that compares to the inner-peace you feel from your soulmate’s embrace. Being in their arms can fix any problem you are having. They fill you with love and a sense of safety. Their arms are “home.

Those are the 18 signs you’ve met your soul mate! Are you seeing many of them?

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