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Sean Cate
December 10, 2023 ·  3 min read

13 Small Habits That Reveal Your True Personality

Our personalities often reveal themselves through subtle, everyday habits. From the shoes we choose to the way we shake hands, these seemingly mundane behaviors can speak volumes about who we are. Psychologists have delved into these micro-actions, uncovering intriguing connections between our routines and our inner selves. Here are 13 small habits that might just uncover aspects of your true personality.

Shoe Selection:

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Believe it or not, your shoe choice can hint at your personality traits. According to a study in the Journal of Research in Personality, those favoring comfortable shoes tend to be agreeable, while ankle boot enthusiasts might lean toward aggression.1 Even the upkeep of your footwear could reveal clinginess or anxiety.

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The way you shake hands speaks volumes. A firm handshake often signifies confidence and extroversion, while a limp one might hint at insecurity.2 Even the angle of your hand after a handshake can convey dominance or control.

Email Etiquette:

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Your digital communication style can reflect your real-life character. Narcissists often pepper their emails with self-focused words like “I” and “mine.” Typos might suggest a meticulous nature, while long emails might signal thoroughness or even a hint of neediness.

Walking Style:

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The way you walk could broadcast traits about your personality. A confident stride might indicate openness and social adeptness, while a more closed-off posture could reflect vulnerability or self-consciousness.

Eating Habits:

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Fast or slow eater? Your pace at the dinner table might reveal traits like ambition, control, or a penchant for savoring life’s moments.

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The time you arrive can offer insights into your character. Punctual individuals tend to be conscientious and agreeable, while chronic lateness might signify a more laid-back attitude or self-focus.

Nervous Tics:

A common sign of anxiety is subconscious skin picking. Cropped shot of an unrecognisable woman sitting alone and feeling anxious while picking the skin on her nails.
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Nail-biting or skin-picking could be a sign of deeper traits. These “body-focused repetitive behaviors” might be coping mechanisms for perfectionism or boredom.


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How you sit or stand might broadcast messages about your personality. A forward-leaning posture might suggest indecisiveness, while a straight and confident stance exudes self-assuredness.

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Physical Movements:

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Your movements convey more than words. Leaning in or crossing arms can reveal connection or defensiveness, respectively.

Toilet Paper Roll Placement:

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Surprisingly, your choice in toilet paper orientation might reflect personality traits. Those favoring the overhand method might lean toward dominance, while underhanders might exhibit more submissive tendencies.

Spending Habits:

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Your approach to spending money can say a lot. Impulsive spending might signal spontaneity, while a more considered approach could reflect rationality and patience.

Accessories and Clothing:

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Bright clothing and more accessories might be indicative of narcissistic tendencies. The way you present yourself visually could be an outward reflection of deeper personality traits.

Physical Appearance Tendencies:

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Beyond just accessories, certain physical habits like nail-biting might suggest perfectionism or dissatisfaction. These small habits, often overlooked, may paint a detailed picture of your personality. While they might seem trivial on their own, collectively, they offer intriguing insights into the complex tapestry of who you are. So, the next time you catch yourself leaving a dish to soak or choosing a pair of shoes, remember, it might be revealing more than you think about your true self.

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