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Sean Cate
Sean Cate
April 22, 2024 ·  3 min read

A Narcissist Will Probably Never Walk Beside You. An Expert Explains Why.

Narcissists have complex personality traits that can significantly impact relationships. One curious behavior often observed in narcissists is their tendency to walk ahead of their partners during outings. In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons behind this behavior, shedding light on the psychology of narcissism. Our insights are based on expert opinions and real-life experiences.1

Narcissists have Impaired Empathy and Emotional Bonds

Danish, a coach specializing in narcissistic abuse survivors, highlights the role of impaired empathy in narcissists. Narcissists have impaired or missing empathy, making it challenging to form genuine emotional attachments or bonds with others. This deficit in empathy is a key factor driving their behavior during walks.

Narcissists’ emotional detachment leads them to walk ahead of their partner or group. In a healthy relationship, walking together symbolizes equality and mutual regard. However, narcissists opt to walk ahead as a way to invalidate and neglect their partner, signifying a conscious detachment.

Dominance and Control in Narcissists 

Accoring to Danish, narcissists have an insatiable desire for control and dominance. Walking ahead of their partner is a way for them to assert their dominance over the relationship. It sends a clear message that they are in charge and superior.

In contrast to healthy relationships where partners walk together as equals, narcissists exhibit this behavior as a power move. Walking ahead is a manifestation of their unwillingness to compromise with their significant others.

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Lack of Compromise

Narcissists are notorious for their unwillingness to compromise with anyone, especially their partners. While walking together signifies unconscious acceptance and compromise in a relationship, narcissists refuse to meet in the middle regarding walking speed.

While some individuals in the comments section provide alternative explanations, others share personal experiences that resonate with Danish’s insights. They recount instances where narcissistic partners consistently walked ahead, citing reasons related to control, manipulation, and a lack of regard for their feelings.

Varied Experiences and Perspectives

The comments section reveals a spectrum of experiences related to partners walking ahead. Some individuals attribute the behavior to innocent factors such as different walking speeds or health conditions like ADHD, emphasizing that it doesn’t necessarily indicate narcissism.

Conversely, several comments support Danish’s observations, recounting instances where narcissistic partners employed this behavior to manipulate, control, or neglect their significant others. These experiences underscore the complexity of narcissistic behavior.

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The Broader Context for Narcissists

Danish also explained the broader implications of narcissistic behavior. Walking ahead during outings is just one facet of narcissistic behavior. It aligns with a broader pattern of control, dominance, and a lack of empathy that characterizes narcissistic personalities.

Understanding narcissistic behavior is crucial for those navigating relationships with individuals who exhibit narcissistic traits. While walking ahead may not be a definitive sign of narcissism on its own, it reflects a deeper issue within the relationship dynamics.

Narcissistic behavior is complex, and walking ahead during outings is just one manifestation of this personality trait. While it may not definitively indicate narcissism in all cases, it often aligns with a broader pattern of control, dominance, and a lack of empathy commonly associated with narcissistic personalities. It’s essential to consider such behaviors in the context of the overall relationship dynamics and seek professional guidance if needed.

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