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8 Clear Signs a Lost Loved One Is Close By You and Attempting To Send You a Message.

The death of a loved one is heartbreaking. People offer you their condolences, a few good words about your lost loved ones, and possibly a pan of lasagna. All that is not enough to get you through the hardest time of your life. 

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could just call our lost loved ones who have passed away and have them communicate clearly with us? Sadly, it doesn’t work that way, but there are methods other than a phone call through which you can communicate with the deceased from the great beyond. 

Here are 8 signs your lost loved one is trying to contact you from beyond the grave.

1. Dreams

This is the most common way they try to reach out to you. Many people see their loved ones in their dreams. When you are asleep, your vibrational energy rises to match the higher energy that spirits possess. Therefore, it is easiest for them to reach out to you through dreams. 

But how do you know it isn’t just an ordinary dream from you thinking about them a lot? Well, when you have recurring dreams of them doing or saying the same thing then you have to pick it apart and truly listen to what they’re trying to say. 

Also, these dreams are unlike ordinary dreams because they tend to be vivid and you’ll be sure to remember them afterward.  

2. Songs 

Perhaps you’ve been thinking of your lost loved one; then you hear the one song they loved the most or that you two love to dance to. It could be on the radio or from your phone, but the very manner in which it began to play will be so random that you cannot dismiss it as coincidence. 

3. You can sense them 

Sense” in this context implies those feelings you get through your sensing organs. So it can either be via smell, touch, taste, sight, or sound. Do you associate them with the scent of freshly mowed grass or cinnamon? You might not even have associated that scent with them previously but once it wafts through your nose, it prickles your senses and you can be certain your loved one is right there with you. 

It could also be suddenly feeling cold and getting goosebumps all over your body. Whatever sense reacts, it’s a sign of them trying reaching out to you. 

4. Numbers 

Not just any numbers, ones that are significant to your lost loved one. It could be their birthdays, anniversaries, or just about any number that represents an important day for them. They choose these numbers because they represent milestones that celebrate life; for that reason, it’s only appropriate that they also use it to try to contact you even in their death. 

Thus, seeing these numbers could be a sign that your loved one is attempting to reach out to you.  

5. Seeing them in your peripheral vision 

Perhaps, this might sound a little far-fetched but if you’re engrossed in deep thoughts about your loved one while walking along an empty path only to see someone in your peripheral vision that looks like them, then you might need to consider the possibility that they are trying to communicate with you. This is especially true when you look around and don’t see anybody there. 

6. Feeling their presence at funerals 

This is possibly the most “concentrated” place to see them. Their memory is still very fresh in the minds of everyone, and people are all in the same room mourning them. At that moment, as everyone is in tune with their feelings, the souls could reach out to their loved ones. This could be a light touch on the shoulder, a brief caress on the skin, or even just a vivid memory of them. 

According to psychic James Van Praagh, people often attend their funerals to confront their lost loved ones. And they can do this quite easily because the people there are in too much pain to play pay close attention to these things happening around them but can certainly benefit from the presence of their loved ones by their side. 

7. Sometimes you lose certain objects or find them in odd places

If these objects were important to your loved ones when they were alive, for instance, a photo of them or their favorite earrings, then this could be a sign that they’re attempting to communicate with you. 

8. Animals 

It’s no news that animals are very sensitive to higher energies and the presence of supernatural beings. Spirits can sync their energies with that of random animals or beloved pets to be with you. 

Therefore, if an animal behaves unusually, like stopping in front of you, pecking at you through a window or windshield, or squawking as if they are trying to talk to you, it might be a sign that your loved one is trying to reach out to you. 

As for your pets, dogs, for instance, wag their tails when excited, but if they begin to do that for no apparent reason, it could mean that the spirit of a beloved person is present. 

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Is it possible to reach out to your deceased lost loved ones?

So the short answer is yes. But just like they cannot pick up a phone to call you, you cannot do that either. There are, however, certain things you can do to communicate with them.  

  • You can speak out loud to them; it doesn’t matter if they can’t respond physically, just believe they are there. 
  • You can also reach out to them in dreams or by meditating. 
  • Hold a piece of their belonging and saturate your mind with thoughts of them. 
  • You could also visit a medium and use them as an intercessor to reach out to your loved one on your behalf. 

Can people communicate with the dead?

This isn’t about ouija boards and the rest of those seances out there. This is referring to genuine moments of communication between the living and the Dead. That being said, are mediums real? They certainly are. It’s just unfortunate that there are a lot of frauds out there who wouldn’t mind ripping off innocent people who are just trying to grieve the only way they know how to. 

Professional medium, energy worker, and author, Kerrie Erwin said being able to communicate with dead people, and her psychic awareness, is a gift. 

When I connect to a spirit I often get names, how they died, and they often just want to give me messages to loved ones as death is never the end and love is eternal. It is not unusual to have long conversations about their concerns with living in this life. Spirits also always have messages to give loved ones,” said Erwin.

The ability of ordinary people to communicate with their lost loved ones from The Great Beyond is fairly common. 

Findings from a study involving elderly widows and widowers in Wales showed that 13 percent of them heard voices of their lost loved ones, 14 percent claimed to have seen them, 3 percent felt their touch, while 39 percent continued to feel their presence around and within them. 

Ultimately, feeling the presence of someone you’ve lost to the cold hands of death can be an incredibly therapeutic way to deal with the grief and move on. It also ensures their memories live on, and they never truly stop being part of your life.

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