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Chantel Brink
January 29, 2024 ·  6 min read

‘I accidentally had an affair with my best friend’s husband, now he won’t talk to me’

In a small town in Victoria, Australia, a young mother named Honeyy Brooks found herself entangled in a web of guilt and betrayal after discovering that she had an accidental affair with her best friend’s husband. This revelation rocked her personal life and underscored the complexities of maintaining relationships in the digital age.

Honeyy, a content creator on the popular adult platform OnlyFans, was left “gutted” when she realized that one of her anonymous subscribers was married to her close friend. The man had subscribed to her page six months prior, slowly becoming a significant financial supporter by spending thousands of dollars on her exclusive content. He even signs up for her $2,500 (AU$3,797)-a-week ‘girlfriend package.’ “It’s basically like an online girlfriend; I am yours for the week,” she said. 

Honeyy’s friend discovered the surprise when going through her husband’s phone

The twist in this tale where accidental affair emerged when Honeyy’s friend discovered her husband’s secret while going through his phone, leading to a complete cutoff of all communication with Honeyy. The emotional turmoil that followed left Honeyy torn between feeling violated by a male friend and heartbroken over the impending loss of a cherished friendship.

She had been trying to call me non-stop and then she was messaging me like, “Pick up, pick up, It’s about my husband,“‘ she said. “When I heard her voice I realized how serious it was and my heart just dropped. I asked, ‘Are you sure he was subscribed to my page like this? Is this real?’” she said. “It was just, like, such a shock to the system, because we’ve been such good friends for so long. It was basically like an online affair so it was like a ton of bricks.”

Most subscribers prefer remaining anonymous, it’s nothing new

Honeyy Brooks on her farm in Australia
Image Credit: honeyybrooks Instagram

With an income of up to $90,000 a month on OnlyFans, Honeyy had encountered numerous anonymous subscribers before. She explained that creators like herself have limited access to personal details, receiving only a chosen username. Faces remain hidden unless subscribers choose to share a selfie, and many prefer to remain anonymous.

The subscriber in question, her friend’s husband, not only purchased all of Honeyy’s content but also engaged in nightly conversations. As the relationship progressed, he sought a more personal experience by opting for the ‘girlfriend package.’ An additional $2,500 (AU$3,797) per week. Offering priority messaging and one-way video calls. Honeyy likened it to being an “online girlfriend” available for the week, emphasizing the intimate nature of the interactions.

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Being rather expensive, most subscribers would try this for a week or 2

While subscribers typically purchased the ‘girlfriend package’ for shorter durations, this man continued paying for three months. However, abruptly, he vanished from Honeyy’s online presence, leaving her puzzled. The climax of this drama occurred while Honeyy was holidaying in Sydney. She awoke to a barrage of messages and missed calls from her best friend. Who urgently sought to discuss her husband’s involvement on Honeyy’s OnlyFans page.

The truth finally came out, with Honeyy left friendless after she had an accidental affair with her husband

Honeyy Brooks who accidentally cheated with her friend's husband
Image Credit: honeyybrooks Instagram

Recounting the unfolding events, Honeyy described the shock and heartbreak she experienced as she realized the severity of the situation after the accidental affair. When she eventually spoke with her friend, the initial shock evolved into a complex emotional turmoil. Honeyy caught between loyalty to her friend and the nature of her online engagement, found herself explaining her side of the story.

However, the situation took a turn for the worse when the husband, in an attempt to salvage his own marriage, lied to his wife, claiming that Honeyy was aware of his identity all along. This led to a complete breakdown in communication between Honeyy and her friend, who, despite initially believing Honeyy, ultimately chose to end their friendship.

She wasn’t picking up my calls. I was getting worried because this big bomb had just hit. I kept messaging her, and she wrote back saying, “I don’t think we should continue our friendship,”‘ Honeyy said. “She didn’t want to talk to me but from the details I got from her he was saying that I knew who he was the whole time. It was pre-planned, and we were planning on getting together.”

The dust has settled, but not much has changed since she accidentally cheated

Reflecting on the aftermath, Honeyy expressed doubt about the possibility of repairing the friendship. The lingering sentiment of “once a cheater, always a cheater” colored her perception, making her skeptical about the future dynamics of her friend’s marriage.

In conclusion, Honeyy Brooks’ unintended involvement in an online affair sheds light on the intricate challenges posed by digital platforms in the realm of relationships. The story serves as a reminder of the blurred boundaries between the virtual and real worlds, emphasizing the need for open communication and trust in navigating the complexities of modern friendships and relationships.

Has your partner been unfaithful?

Closeup Photo of Woman's Eyes
Image Credit: Nikolaos Dimou Pexels

Discovering that your partner has been unfaithful can be a devastating blow, shaking the foundation of your marriage and throwing it into a state of crisis. The aftermath of betrayal is a complex emotional journey that requires careful navigation. Understanding that there is rarely a simple answer to why someone becomes unfaithful, it is crucial to address the aftermath with sensitivity and thoughtfulness. Here are eight tips to help you cope with the aftermath of infidelity:

Understand the Rollercoaster of Emotions

Shock, agitation, fear, pain, depression, and confusion are normal reactions. Recognize that you may experience an emotional rollercoaster for a while. It takes time to move beyond the pain of betrayal, and it’s natural to grieve the relationship you once had.

Seek Professional Help

Consider seeking the assistance of a couple’s counselor to navigate the complexities of your emotions and relationship. Professional guidance can provide a neutral perspective and help you gain insight into the reasons behind the infidelity.

Avoid the Blame Game

Refrain from blaming yourself, your partner, or the third party involved. Playing the victim or wallowing in self-pity won’t change the situation and will only drain your energy. Focus on healing instead of assigning blame.

Don’t Seek Revenge

Despite the initial urge to retaliate, avoid seeking revenge. Trash-talking your partner or contemplating infidelity yourself may provide temporary satisfaction but hinder the healing process. Concentrate on personal growth and moving forward.

Take Care of Yourself Physically

Stress can manifest in physical reactions such as nausea, sleep problems, and difficulty concentrating. Take care of yourself by maintaining a healthy routine, eating well, exercising, staying hydrated, and ensuring you get enough rest.

Keep Your Children Out of It

Shield your children from the details of the situation, as involving them can create unnecessary anxiety and place them in an uncomfortable position. Avoid putting them in the middle, and spare them from the emotional burden.

Seek Counseling

If you’re contemplating the end of your marriage, seek counseling to facilitate communication and gain insight into your feelings. An experienced therapist can help you process emotions and make informed decisions about the future.

Get Practical

If the affair signals the potential end of your marriage, consider practical matters such as living arrangements, financial stability, and, if you have children, the type of custody arrangement you desire. Discuss STD testing with your partner to address health concerns.

Take It One Day at a Time

Infidelity poses a significant challenge to a marriage, but it doesn’t always mean the end. As you work through the aftermath, take each day as it comes. Over time, clarity will emerge, guiding you on how to move forward, either together or apart.

In conclusion, coping with the aftermath of infidelity requires resilience, self-care, and thoughtful consideration. By seeking professional help, refraining from blame, and taking practical steps, you can navigate the complex emotions and make decisions that align with your well-being and future happiness.

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