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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
January 26, 2024 ·  3 min read

People are disgusted after finding out what a rainbow kiss is

There are numerous peculiar dating trends out there. Ranging from the intriguing concept of ‘fluid bonding’ to the unsettling phenomenon of getting ‘zombied.’ However, the phenomenon known as the “rainbow kiss” unquestionably stands out.

This explicit expression has gained significant traction on TikTok, with many videos emerging on the platform discussing it. While it has left many individuals perplexed and somewhat disturbed, there are those who rue the day they stumbled upon its meaning. If you’re intrigued by the concept of a rainbow kiss and wondering whether it’s safe, here’s a breakdown of what it entails.

Did you know what a rainbow kiss was?
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What exactly is a rainbow kiss?

A rainbow kiss doesn’t represent the latest shade in Kylie Cosmetics’ lip kit collection. Nor does it serve as the title for the newest My Little Pony movie. And without a doubt, it has no association with JoJo Siwa’s clothing line available at Target. Despite its potentially romantic-sounding name, many individuals widely regard a rainbow kiss as unsettling, to say the least. This act involves a man performing oral sex on a woman while she is menstruating. Both in the 69 positions and simultaneously, the woman engages in oral sex on the man.

As a result, the man’s mouth comes into contact with menstrual blood. At the same time, the woman’s mouth is exposed to the man’s ejaculate. This combination is what gives rise to the term “rainbow.” It’s worth noting that this term is often confused with “snowballing,” which entails a similar action. A man ejaculates into a woman’s mouth and then kisses her to draw the semen back into his own mouth.

Image Credit: @BasementB1tch TikTok

Subsequently, they exchange semen between them.

Numerous individuals have taken to social media to express their strong aversion to this trend, with one person candidly stating, “I should have remained curious, honestly.” Another person adds, “I should have minded my own business.” A different comment reads, “Who would even consider doing that? Seriously.” “I feel quite unsettled after learning about it,” asserts a fourth individual.

Dr. Wendasha Jenkins Hall, PhD, a sex educator based in Atlanta and the founder of The Sensible Sexpert, explains that the concept of a rainbow kiss, typically initiated in the 69 position, is thought to have evolved from the practice of having sex during menstruation. Often referred to as “running the red light.

She suggests that a rainbow kiss can be seen as an elevated version of this. It’s a progression beyond the basic notion of engaging in penetrative or oral sex while one partner is menstruating. Dr. Hall further notes that while a rainbow kiss is not a widely practiced sexual activity, it is just one example on a spectrum of various sexual activities that cater to different bodily fluid preferences and fetishes. No just NO !!!#rainbowkiss #no #whaaattt ♬ original sound – Mossbot

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Is the rainbow kiss a safe practice?

Engaging in a rainbow kiss might not be the wisest choice, particularly if you’re not well-acquainted with your partner’s sexual health status. Both semen and menstrual blood can contain potentially harmful pathogens, which could carry viruses such as HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis.

Participating in a rainbow kiss increases the risk of transmitting STDs and STIs. Heather Irobunda, MD, advises in Cosmopolitan: “If you’re uncertain about your partner’s STD status, it’s best to avoid indulging in rainbow kisses.” Furthermore, obtaining proper consent is crucial, as not everyone may be comfortable with the idea of mixing semen and period blood.

One may wonder why anyone would be into rainbow kisses

Sadie Allison, Ph.D., the founder of, sheds light on the idea that a rainbow kiss can provide a way for certain individuals to embrace period sex, an act that is gradually shedding its taboo status. Hall, echoing this sentiment, elaborates, “There was a time when engaging in sexual activity while menstruating was considered ‘impure’ or ‘unsanitary.’ However, we are now beginning to recognize the potential benefits of having sex during menstruation, such as alleviating stress, headaches, or menstrual cramps.”

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