‘Women are investments’ relationship expert claims ‘low salary men shouldn’t be dating’

The current financial climate is harsh. Many people have been struggling to reach ends meet for themselves, let alone their entire family. This makes dating seem almost impossible, yet the urge to find love and an ever-lasting relationship is as strong as ever. If you are earning a low salary, does this mean you shouldn’t be dating? Well, one so-called relationship expert seems to think so. She has gone so far as to state this publically, much to the internet’s displeasure.

No Dating for Low-Income Earners

Many women might agree that they should never be taken for granted. On the same token, they should not be expected to settle for anything less than they want. Some prefer a simple life, and their love language requires no splendor. But others love the glam lifestyle, and they wish to be treated as such. Neither is right nor wrong. But, neither should settle for anything below their expectations. However, a woman named Karla Elia is now stating that men who earn a low income “shouldn’t be dating in the first place”

The 23-year-old says that women should be treated as Queens. They should only be dating men who can afford their lifestyle choices. Karla now makes a living giving relationship advice. She encourages women to find men who will support their chosen lifestyles without breaking the bank. Not only that, but she is adamant that a woman’s time is more “precious.” Thus, they should not be treated as equals to men, implying they should be placed on pedestals. “When a woman settles down and gets married, fertility is not forever. A man can make his life start over with a new girl at any age. As women, we don’t have that luxury. That means a woman’s time is more valuable because she has more to lose. “We shouldn’t be treated equal to men, we should be treated as women and we’re special, we should be treated as precious.”

Women are Investments

According to her opinion, men who are dating women should be paying for every date. This means covering the meal costs, and travel to and from. Furthermore, they should be showering their partner with flowers and gifts on a regular basis, or they are not good enough. To Karla, women are investments and not simply romantic partners. “A man needs to understand he has to be in a financial place to invest in a woman,” she said. “We are investments. I know I can afford my lifestyle and if someone can’t afford and add value to that, I would say ‘thank you, next’.

Karla is not dating anymore because she got married last year on the 25th of May. Her hubby is now transitioning from a high-ranking role in the US Navy, but that hasn’t stopped him from supporting her lavish choices. He allegedly has investments in the stock market.

Start Dating with an Abundance Mindset

In order to find your dream man, according to Karla’s teachings, a woman must obtain an “abundance mindset.” Ultimately, this comes down to knowing what you are worth, as well as what you deserve. Next, they need to understand that their fertility and prime time for starting a life with someone is not going to be forever. “To find these men, you have to step into the energy of ‘I am worthy, I am healing, and I am not making decisions from a place of insecurity,'” she said.

Finally, a woman should only be dating men who understand that women have their own ambitions. They shouldn’t be like the traditional man who simply wants to breed and have them remain at home with the kids. They should share common goals with their male counterparts, like starting a family and creating strong career paths. “They both have the common goal of creating a family, being stable, and growing with each other,” she said.

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