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Jade Small
Jade Small
May 3, 2024 ·  3 min read

The Small Ways A Man Makes A Woman Feel Unwanted Without Saying A Word

Finding a true companion with your romantic partner is not as easy as the story books light let off. Many things go into a compatible and passionate relationship so that both sides feel wanted and loved. However, there are a few things that men tend to do or neglect. These may seem small at the moment, but in the grand scheme of things, they are pushing their partner away.

1. Bringing up her Insecurities

Most women are insecure about something. Whether it be about their hair, short legs, flabby stomach, or even an aspect of their personality, women’s insecurities run deep, and we can thank mainstream media and the modern world for that. If a man brings up their partner’s insecurities, even without meaning any harm, it can trigger their sense of being unwanted.

Do not bring up her insecurities
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2. Being Too Busy

Women love to be doted on. This isn’t to say that their man should spend every waking minute on them, because that can make them feel claustrophobic. But it does mean that men must ensure they balance their time appropriately. If a man spends too much time at work or hanging with his mates, his woman will feel unwanted. They need to divide their time appropriately. Furthermore, they need to prioritize their woman’s needs.

Men need to prioritize their woman
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3. Not being Affectionate

Affection is one of the keys to a healthy and loving relationship. It can be as simple as holding her hand or sharing a kiss as you pass by in the home. Affection doesn’t always have to surmount to sex, which is something many men get confused by. So, if neglects the intimate affection a healthy relationship needs, they should not be surprised if their woman walks away from the relationship or at least voices her needs. They could very well be under the impression that they are not wanted but kept around for convenience’s sake.

Be more affectionate
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4. Comparing Her to Other Women

The last thing any woman wants is for their man to compare them to other women. They get that enough from their internal dialogue because the media has clarified what makes the perfect woman. Avoid making any form of comparison, even if you intend to compliment her; just compliment her by saying, “You’re beautiful,” or, “That dress looks great on you.” Leave another woman out of the equation.

Men must never compare their partner to other women
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5. Looking at Your Phone While She Speaks to You

Being distracted is a sure way a man could make his woman feel unwanted. One of the most time-consuming things is our phones. Whether you are swiping through social media or answering a work text, no one wants to feel second in line to a mobile phone. Women will feel taken for granted if their man is constantly looking at his phone while they are trying to talk to them. So, men must put their phones down when their partner talks to them.

Men need to put their phone down while their woman speaks
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6. Not Complimenting Her

Every woman wants to feel loved and adored. One of the best ways to do that is by complimenting them frequently. They want to know how much you appreciate everything they do, even if it’s just putting on an outfit they know their man likes. If their efforts go noticed, they might start to feel unwanted. Men must ensure they verbalize their compliments instead of admiring their partner silently. Make it known how much you appreciate them.

Woman want to be complimented
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