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Jade Small
Jade Small
December 2, 2023 ·  3 min read

Why The Worst Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With A Bare Minimum Man

Throughout our lives, we will have many different relationships. Each one is completely different from the last, and we hope that this is because we have learned something useful with each attempt at lasting love. Most people can account for their worst relationships when they reflect on their past lovers. People love to talk about their narcissistic ex-boyfriends or their crazy ex-girlfriends. But, most people forget about the relationship that left them thirsting for more attention. They may not have been a bully, but their neglect stained your idea of love. Leaving a reminder of how you deserve to be treated.

1. They Make You Feel Like You’re Too Demanding

First things first, you’re not a needy person just because you have specific needs. We are all unique human beings, and what one person values, another might take for granted. So, think back to the partner who barely contributed towards your relationship. did they respond with love and compassion when you opened up about what you want from them? Or did they ridicule you for being demanding?

Whenever you ask him to do something, and he neglects to do it, he proudly brings up the times he has done something useful around the house. Like fixing the leaking sink (which he promised to do two months ago). Or, taking the recycling to the depot in his car (even though you asked him to take it out before the collection company came by).

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2. You Worst relationship Leaves You Over-extending Yourself

Relationships should have balance. This is not limited to the fierce personality balanced with the soft. Both people in the relationship should be on equal footing regarding responsibilities. The bare minimum person will put all their efforts into avoiding responsibilities, but they will also have high expectations for how they want to be treated.

So, you might feel exhausted from having to maintain the home, cook each meal, pack the kid’s lunch boxes, wash and feed your pets, and so on. You must put your foot down before you burn out from over-extending yourself. You need some you time too.

Worst Relationship will have you over-extending
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3. Comparisons Become Second Nature

If you are dating someone who barely puts any effort in, you might very well be in your worst relationship. they do not cuddle you the way your friend’s partners seem to, nor do they buy you flowers or call you pet names. These may seem trivial, but you can’t help but notice how cute your friends and their partners are. This comparison will happen as if it’s second nature. You crave the type of love they have and wish it for yourself.

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4. You will Justify Your Worst Relationship to Your Best Friends

Your friends may have noticed that your partner is not reciprocating your efforts. They know you well, so they can see when something is off. When they ask you about it, you make excuses for your partner. When they point out some things that have secretly been bothering you and causing doubts, you’ll find yourself getting defensive and reminding them of everything he has done for you in the past. You will hold onto those memories because their efforts are not easy to come by.

Justifying your worst relationship to your friends
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5. Your Worst Relationship was Not a Bad Person

If you think about it, the bare minimum man, or woman for that matter, is not a terrible person. They might be a little self-centered, which makes them blind to your requests. But, they have never hurt you, physically or emotionally. This makes it hard to think about leaving them because there is no outright reason. However, neglect is reason enough.

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6. You Feel Like You’re the Problem

This is a tricky one. Most people categorize a “bad person” as someone who bullies others, especially those closest to them. Narcissists are the most commonly found in this category because they belittle their loved ones and play mind games that leave them feeling stir-crazy. When you talk to them about this, they pass it off like nothing. This leads you to think that you’re the problem because they can’t see what you’re talking about.

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