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Jade Small
Jade Small
March 26, 2021 ·  4 min read

The 3 Best Women To Marry (According To Zodiac Signs): Everyone Kneels In Front Of The Third!

These are, undeniably, the best women to marry. According to the stars!

We know that some skeptics are out there when it comes to zodiac signs and their unique personality traits and characteristics. For the believers out there, it comes as no surprise that when choosing a life partner, one tends to turn to the zodiac to determine their partner’s compatibility to their own sign. This article is dedicated to all the men and women out there who believe in the zodiac’s teaching and truths and its signs. 

If you had any doubt about the top three best women to marry in the zodiac, you no longer need to question it. Leo, Aries, and Cancer come out tops!

Now, before you go and plan your whole life and romantic proposal, read on to see if you have paired with one of the three of the most desirable signs within the zodiac.

Cancer women are among the best women to marry

Should you have met a Cancerian queen previously, you will be aware of their undeniable charm. And, if you are looking for one of the best women to marry, you’re in luck. They are some of the most caring, loving, and nurturing women on this planet. Their expression of love for those dear to them is unfathomable. They are the kind of women who would cross oceans and mountains for their relationships and engagements. They will go to the extremes for their partner in the pursuit of letting you know just how much they love and adore you. So naturally, it would make sense for men to choose and Cancerian woman as a life partner. Cancerian women are the epitome of sensuality which is always an advantage for any relationship. 

They are family and home driven, making them wonderful homemakers and caregivers to not just their immediate family but the extended family and all friends. Aries women have an incredible ability in running a household like no other; their natural instinct to protect and provide helps them run a structured and loving home. They are domestic Goddesses, especially in the kitchen, meaning you will never go hungry. Marrying a Cancerian woman means you will have a smart, patient, kind, and eloquent partner.[1][2]

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Aries are undeniably enchanting

The Aries woman is among the best women to marry in the zodiac. Aries women are the kind of women who have a natural superpower of being able to bring men to their knees with their captivating charisma. They are exquisitely beautiful, both internally and externally, with immense ambition. When an Aries woman sets her heart on something or someone, she will not give up until it is hers. She has no fear in grasping her happiness. These women, within their nobility, are extremely goal-oriented and headstrong, always try to do the best, not only for themselves but for their loved ones.

Her dreams are big, and she needs a companion to match and push her mentally, spiritually, and energetically to achieve them. To put it simply, she has no patience for a slacker; either pull your weight or hit the road. An Aries Empress leaves an impression on every person she meets. She is a go-getter, and nothing will stand in her way; she is a pioneer and an adventurer. This trait leaves in awe of her head and heart strong personality. 

She loves to encourage and push her partner to be the best version of themselves. She loathes the mundane and repetitive side of life, so be sure to keep things fresh. Even with their tendency to make rash decisions, Aries women are honorable and honest and are quick to own up to their mistakes. Her choice of a partner must match her strength, energy, and mental agility. If you can’t handle the heat, she brings to the table, get out of the kitchen.[1][2]

Leo’s are by far the best women to marry

The undeniable Lioness within the Leo Queen can not be matched. You will notice her strength and pride the instant you meet. She is the Wonder Woman of the zodiac possessing quantum levels of strength mixed with a fortitude of determination. A Leo woman certainly won’t settle for an average partner. She prefers a man aware of himself, that strives above and beyond the norm. The most magical trait of a Leo woman has to be her ability to keep her chosen suiter for all eternity, whereby she has him lapping at her feet. Leo’s are by far the best women to marry of all twelve zodiac signs.

One of her best traits is her loyalty to her King. Once she has chosen you, you are forever hers and she is forever yours, the bond is undeniable. She will treat you like gold, but, she expects the same in return. So, unless you are able to treat the Lioness like a queen, don’t even bother trying your luck![1][2]

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