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A “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse Will Be Visible This June

On Thursday, June 10, this year’s first solar eclipse, also known as the Ring of Fire, is set to take place. This is a partial eclipse that will appear as a ring of red-colored light around the moon. Grab your eye protection, set your alarm, and get ready for a pretty cool sight!


Ring of Fire Eclipse To Appear June 10

One thing is for sure, the ring of fire eclipse on June 10 will be something to see. During this eclipse, the moon doesn’t fully cover the sun. This means for a few minutes; the moon appears as though it is glowing or has a ring of fire all around it. As always, it is essential that observers wear protective glasses to view this spectacular event safely. (1)


Where To View The Ring of Fire Eclipse

The best places to see this incredible will be Northern Ontario, Quebec, and Nunavut in Canada (sorry rest of the world!). Beginning at 5:49 am eastern, the eclipse will last for just three minutes and 51 seconds, so make sure you don’t snooze your alarm or you will miss it. There will also be a viewable partial solar eclipse from 4:12 am to 9:11 am eastern. (1)


Other places this eclipse will be visible are (1):

  • Noon in Northern Greenland
  • The North Pole
  • Northeastern Siberia

A partial eclipse will be visible in northern and eastern Canada, northern Alaska, northeastern United States, northern mid-western U.S., some of the U.S. east coast, most of Europe, and northern parts of Asia. (1) The next perfect ring of fire eclipse won’t occur until October 14, 2023, but depending on where you live, this one might be easier to see. In 2023, people who live in Oregon, Texas, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico will be able to see it. (1)


How To View The Eclipse Safely

Staring directly at a solar eclipse is dangerous and potentially very damaging to your eyes. When viewing a solar eclipse, there are a few major don’ts. Beyond never looking directly at the sun, don’t use (2):

  • Sunglasses 
  • Polaroid filters
  • Smoked glass
  • Exposed color film
  • X-ray film
  • Photographic neutral density filters

If you are viewing the eclipse through a telescope, use safe solar filters. You can also create a homemade pin-hole camera. Consider purchasing commercial solar eclipse glasses and heading to your local astronomy club, park, or nature center to take in the experience with others. Welder’s glasses will also work as long as they’re #14 or darker. Lastly, if you live too far or can’t get out to see it, often solar eclipses such as this one are streamed for online viewing. It’s not quite the same as in-person, but it is still pretty cool. (2)

Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse from 2020

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