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Jade Small
Jade Small
February 7, 2024 ·  4 min read

I Wish I Met Some People A Little Earlier

It’s all about timing, isn’t it? We all wish we met some people a little earlier in life. And, some a little later, and some maybe never at all. Our lives are continuously in a state of movement, ebb, and flow. There are times when you might be ready to take a giant leap of faith. While someone else is insistent on keeping their heels firmly dug into the ground. Or perhaps you are at a transition period in your life, and someone comes along who could be the one…if only the timing were different.

We have all been there, and the pain can arise in the form of sorrow more than anything else. Perhaps regret as well. However, those negative feelings don’t always have to be the prominent ones in the forefront of your mind…or heart.

I wish I met some people earlier

Whether it was to help us learn a valuable lesson or to help someone else learn a valuable lesson, the timing when we met some people can be the very reason we are who we are today. If you wanted to meet someone sooner, imagine all the life experiences, personal choices, tough decisions, and important lessons that would never have been a part of who you were at the time. 

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Maybe they aren’t ready for the responsibility of adulthood, maybe they are the most fun you’ve had with a person, and the chemistry is amazing, and all the pieces fit in the puzzle nicely, but the one thing you really need isn’t there. Maybe if you could meet them later in life, they would be exactly who you need them to be. But then, who will you be when that time comes around? It’s important to remember that now is all we really have, and happiness at this moment is fleeting if you don’t grab it. 

Timing is Everything

When asked, “Have you ever met some people who you wish you had met later in life?” Reddit users responded with story after story, tales of remembrance and wishful thinking, but most of all, appreciation for the time spent together.

I wonder how it would have worked out if I met him later in life, but I am grateful for the time we had. He was the right person at that point and helped me achieve all I am today. If we met later perhaps we would never have that experience, because we grew up so much with that time spent together. I am sorry we didn’t work, but I am happy for all the great moments we had while still at the start of our grown-up lives.”

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Acknowledging the fact that they might not be the right one, or your ‘forever person’ is a painful thing to recognize. And even more so to accept. However, like all aspects of life, there eventually can be positivity and light at the end of the tunnel. Another Reddit user reminds us of this:

We drifted apart because we were in two different life stages. I was much more ahead than he was as far as what I needed out of the relationship. I needed things that he was not capable of giving at his stage of life. And, I still have a hard time looking back and not feeling sad and wishing he could have changed/things were different, even though I know they never would have. I hope with time, I can look back at my relationship and see it with such a mature, positive outlook.”


They Say Everything Happens for a Reason

People can only change so much in a short period of time. If they aren’t who you need them to be after years of patience and growth, then they likely never will be. On the same side of the coin, If you had met some people at an earlier time, it probably wouldn’t have worked out. And, that is because previous versions of ourselves can’t compare to who we are today.  Think about how different of a person you were even just 6 months ago. We are always evolving, bettering ourselves, and learning lessons along the way. 

Maybe We Need to Work on Ourselves First

After all, is said and done, timing isn’t just about the other person. It’s about who we are right then and there too, and all the work we need to do on ourselves. As Joseph Medler writes, “Life brought us to the same place at a time when we were ready to commit. To face the challenges and monotony and joys and unknown glories of having someone to do it all with. To commit not only to someone that could make the highs pure bliss, but also someone who could endure the lows.” 

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And that’s what it’s all about. Timing, and doing the work so you can be the right person, for your right person.

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