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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
December 20, 2023 ·  5 min read

8 Optical Illusions That Reveal How Self-Aware You Truly Are

Self-awareness is one of the most useful traits for bettering ourselves. Moreover, it is not an easy trait to hone either. After all, it is very difficult to look at ourselves from a neutral third-person perspective. It requires us to deny our emotions and stick to cold, hard logic as much as possible, sometimes for quite a long while, to understand the full picture. At the same time, for some, it’s an ability they are born with, which, in turn, makes them highly mindful of every action and word they speak to anyone else. It can also help us recognize and avoid situations and relationships that only seek to harm us. An easy and quick way to test your self-awareness is through optical illusions. Here are eight illusions that will help you find out how self-aware you are of your different traits:

1. This Illusion Will Reveal Whether You Have a Male or Female Brain

Optical illusion for male or female brain
Image Credits: Awareness Act

Life’s feminine and masculine spiritual energy are two sides of the same coin. Another name for them is the Yin and Yang. Together, they maintain harmony and balance in the universe. These energies are usually associated with particular traits. Bear in mind that these energies have nothing to do with biological sex and gender. As such, you can get a better idea of what kind of brain you have by looking at the image above. Do you see a man running away or running from you? Here are the explanations accordingly.

Running Away From You

Optical illusion for male or female brain
Image Credits: Awareness Act

This indicates that you do not make decisions hastily. Rather, you listen to your senses and often use reasoning and logic to overcome obstacles. Multi-tasking is one of your strongest points, as well as your memory. When you face a tough situation, your best friend is your intuition. As such, your brain is mostly female.

Running Towards You

Optical illusion for male or female brain
Image Credits: Awareness Act

In this case, you are good at solving problems. As such, you love puzzles and anything that requires analysis. While multitasking may not be something you are very good at, you are exceptional when you manage to have a single focus. These are traits associated with the male brain.

2. Optical Illusion Reveals Your Personality Depending on What Animal You See First

Optical illusion of cat or mouse
Image Credits: Illusion.com

In this optical illusion, if you look carefully, you will be able to see two animals who are natural enemies – a cat and a mouse. However, depending on what you see first, it might help you know if you are generally cautious or more prone to going on adventures. If you are careful, you will also tend to be a person who is more self-aware of how and where to use available resources. On the other hand, you will tend to be extremely independent. To find out which, check this article out!

3. Are You an Optimist or a Cynic? This Optical Illusion Will Reveal The Truth

Optical illusion of optimist or cynic
Image Credits: Vladimir Kush

Do you see luscious red lips or a beautiful sunset? One of the most important results of self-awareness is knowing how you generally look at life. In this one, you will be able to know if you are cynical and cautious when dealing with the world. On the other hand, you might be an optimist, so much so that you cannot avoid assisting anyone who asks for your help! Want to know which one you are? Click here.

4. Find Out If You Have Commitment Issues by Taking This Optical Illusion ‘Test’

Optical illusion for testing commitment
Image Credits: TikTok | @mia_yillin

At first glance, it might look like a cloud among the mountains. However, for some, they may spot a fish instead. According to the original poster of this optical illusion, the object you see first will let you know if you have difficulty with commitment. As such, you might be someone who never lets an opportunity pass, no matter the risk. Or, you might find it easy to trust anyone new completely. Click here to know which one you are.

5. What Do You See First? Optical Illusion Shows if You are ‘Strong-Willed and Stubborn’ or ‘Caring and Likable’

Optical illusion for strong-willed or caring
Image Credits: @Mia_Yillin | TikTok

Self-awareness also gives us an idea about how others look at our actions and behavior. In this image, you may either see a wine glass or, if you look closely, two forks! As per the TikTok clip where it originated, seeing one indicates that you usually value your goals over everything. However, that does not mean you put yourself first over anyone you choose to be close to. For which one’s which, and to know the other interpretation, click here.

6. Optical illusion reveals whether you are shy and have trust issues

Illusion about shyness
Image Credits: TikTok | @psychologylove100

This illusion is a bit more detailed because it can reveal much about you. Depending on which part of the image attracts your attention more, it can show you whether you are too shy. However, that is not necessary a bad thing, as it is most likely your attempt to protect yourself for disappointment. On the other hand, you may be a literal social butterfly. Know why and how by clicking here.

7. Optical illusion reveals if you are too self-critical

Illusion about being self-critical
Image Credits: TikTok | @mia_yillin

Too much or too little of anything is more harmful than helpful, and self-awareness is no exception. If you give too much attention to yourself, you risk being unnecessarily harsh on everything you do. This will, in turn, affect your self-esteem. So, we have this illusion to help you see whether you are too self-critical. However, if you see something else, it can mean people see you as too judgemental. Read more about it here.

8. Optical Illusion Reveals What Kind of Lover You Are

Optical illusion about your love language
Image Credits: Olek Shupliack

For the final one on the list, we have the most detailed illusion. In this one, it tackles a very particular aspect of your life: how you express your love. In other words, it can help you determine your love language. You may prefer gifts, acts of service, physical touch, or simply finding time to spend together. To know which act of love you appreciate the most – take the test here!

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