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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
November 9, 2023 ·  3 min read

Are You an Optimist or a Cynic? This Optical Illusion Will Reveal The Truth

We all have different kinds of personalities, with some being more negative than others. Most of the time we get to know about how we look at the world from the comments of the friends around us about ourselves. As such, you may have heard of people saying that you see everything with rosy eyes, or that you are depressingly dark. If you want to find further proof of whether you are an optimist or a cynic, then try out this optical illusion.

Optimist Or Cynic? Take A Look

Given below is an image created by Vladimir Kush, a Russian artist. To determine whether you are an optimist or cynic, you have to take a look at this image. Then, note down the first thing that you see. It’s important that only the first thing you see is noted; everything else comes second. So, here are the explanations of what you see:

Optical illusion to see if you are an optimist or a cynic
Image Credits: Vladimir Kush

Red Clouds: Seeing this means you are more of a cynic. You dislike being completely unguarded when you are with anyone else. At the same time, you are always cautious of every step you take while doing anything with strangers. However, even with cynicism, it still remains very difficult to be trusted by you even when someone builds rapport with you quickly.

Red Lips: You have a kind heart and will go beyond your limits to help anyone, no matter what it costs you. Seeing this means you tend to help anyone whenever they ask you for help, regardless of what kind of help it is. As such, you are also usually upbeat and sentimental.

Do You Have Any Hidden Problems?

Being an optimist or cynic may not be a hidden problem, but there may be other hidden traits in your personality. TikToker Mia Yillin posted an optical illusion that can reveal these problems. The creator is well-known for posting very interesting and informational optical illusions and brain teasers. In this one, you have to take a look at this picture, and note what you see first:

Optical illusion for hidden personality traits
Image Credits: Mia Yillin

What Did You See?

Trees: If you saw this first, then you tend to follow rules to the T, and dislike ever breaking them. Even if no one is around to check on you, you will prefer to do what you think is right. Your moral conscience is significantly large. As a result, you can often go to extremes if it means it makes someone else happy. This is problematic to the point it makes you wish that you did not have this kindness every time.

Woman: Viewers who spotted this first, probably do not have a lot of self-esteem. As such, you often realize that your relationships are actually unhealthy and toxic. Another reason for this is unconsciously you believe that this is the best you deserve. Mia explains that you do not appreciate or love yourself enough. You cannot see how appreciative and happy the world becomes with your presence. As such, you have to see yourself in a better light before your life starts getting better.

So, with the two optical illusions, what did you discover? Let us know in the comments! Also, here are some more tests you may find enjoyable: