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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
April 17, 2024 ·  4 min read

Botched Lip Filler Injection Has Influencer Speaking Out

Jessica Burko, a 27-year-old from Los Angeles, was recently confronted with her worst nightmare. It all started when a routine lip filler procedure took a horrifying turn. The procedure left her with disproportionately large lips. In light of her ordeal, she now carries a crucial message for individuals considering lip augmentation.

The influencer revealed that she had previously received lip filler injections on six separate occasions, all without encountering any negative side effects. However, after a gap of about one year since her last treatment, she won a complimentary giveaway. Jessica believed it was an ideal opportunity for a touch-up.

Jessica took to social media regarding her botched lip filler

In a widely circulated TikTok video, Jessica shared her experience. “I went to go get my lips done yesterday, and something bad happened,” she said in the video. “Right after the injection, I glanced in the mirror and was shocked by the extent of the swelling.” Jessica, now concerned by the worsening condition of her lips, returned to the doctor. Who then decided to prescribe medication.

Lip filler gone wrong: Jessica Burko tells her story
Image Credit: jessicacaileyburko / TikTok

However, despite following the prescribed treatment, Jessica noticed no improvement; if anything, her lips appeared to worsen. Consequently, she made the decision to revisit the clinic the following day to have the filler dissolved.

As the swelling persisted and showed no signs of subsiding. “I thought maybe it was because I hadn’t got my lips done in over a year. But by the time I got to my car, I realized it was not normal. I went back to show him. He prescribed me a steroid, and it just got worse.” She said.

Jessica Burko had botched lip filler
Image Credit: jessicacaileyburko / TikTok

Thankfully, specialists successfully reversed the damage, and Jessica’s lips swiftly regained their original size and appearance. However, the 27-year-old desires her distressing encounter to serve as a cautionary tale for other women. Urging them to be wary of “free” cosmetic procedures.

She emphasized that the giveaway she won was specifically for Halloween. She jokingly remarked, “He definitely had me looking quite frightening.”

Despite the unfortunate incident, Jessica Burko, who professes her fondness for getting lip injections, remains undeterred and is determined to return to her usual appearance. She confidently asserted, “He certainly had me looking very scary. I would never go back. Never do free cosmetics. But also don’t be scared to get your lips done. I love getting them done, and I will be back to my regular girl.”

According to Jessica’s regular lip filler specialist, it is possible that the other professional administering the injection may have inadvertently hit an artery, resulting in the complications she experienced. “Turns out my doctor hit an artery,” Burko said. “The product and everything didn’t know where to go, so that is what caused the swelling.” This hypothesis gains credibility from the fact that the filler substance did not follow the expected path.

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While Jessica’s regular lip filler specialist suggested that the incident may have been due to hitting an artery, some commenters on social media expressed skepticism towards this explanation.

One commenter argued that if an artery had been affected, it would have resulted in a vascular occlusion with noticeable symptoms such as pale white lips and intense pain. Another commenter claimed that the professional had deceived Jessica. Implying that the issue was actually a reaction rather than an arterial injury.

In line with these discussions, the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) issued a warning emphasizing the importance of understanding the risks associated with cosmetic injections. They highlighted that adverse events could occur not only due to the product itself but also due to the lack of adequate qualifications, knowledge, or experience of the person performing the procedure.

It is crucial for individuals considering cosmetic injections to be well-informed about the potential risks. And to choose reputable professionals with appropriate qualifications and experience. “As with any procedure, there are associated risks that the prescriber should explain to you. But it is also important to make sure you will be supported after the procedure if you experience any side effects.”

Counterfeit dermal filler products imported from overseas exist and should be avoided. These can be difficult to identify. The best way to avoid them is to only ever source prescription products from a medical professional. Be aware of heavily advertised and discounted procedures. Ask the right questions to make sure you’re comparing ‘like with like’ when researching clinics/doctors.” They mentioned.

As a responsible influencer, Jessica wants to convey a crucial message to others who have undergone lip injections.

She advises, “If your lips resemble how mine looked, it’s essential to be concerned. Seek immediate dissolution of the filler and consult another professional.” While plastic surgery continues to gain popularity, it is important to acknowledge its transformative impact on one’s appearance, as exemplified by these celebrities.

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