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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
January 2, 2024 ·  3 min read

Driver Shares Horrifying Image of “Ghost” Appearing By Their Car After Crash

Nature has its ways to unleash itself. Incredible moments such as paranormal activities are one of those petrified moments of your life. Believe it or not, some incidents just can’t be explained. This is a true story of a man who believes he encountered a ‘ghostly figure’ after a bizarre car accident happened to him. The man shares pictures and videos of the spooky figure sulking in the background. Let’s take a closer look at @Own-Medicine-2753 a Reddit user’s alarming encounter with this ghost. 

The Glimpse Of Something

u/Own-Medicine-2753, recently encountered the most horrifying moment of his life. He explained: “So earlier in the year I had a car accident. A 4×4 did an illegal u-turn and t-b*ned my car. I was driving and my partner was in the passenger seat. Once everyone was out and by the side of the road away from the accident I quickly wanted to grab some photos of the accident I took four pictures and I was very shaky when taking the pics and one came out the most clear.

a car crash with a transparent being that appears to be a ghost
Image Credits: Reddit

What he saw next was one of the most ghastly moments of his entire life, he states: “In the pic I have attached nobody was there when I took the photo but standing by the driver side door (where I was) looks to me like a man who actually reminds me of my grandfather who passed away when I was 12 and then people who knew him think it’s him too.

The family believes the dead could come back from the grave, but it could be the flash or the crash site public who could have been accidentally captured in the picture. The man shared his story online on Reddit and asked the users to comment on what they felt happened. He also added that there was a cemetery near the crash site as well. 

The Speculations Regarding The Ghost

Many users were horrified to learn about this man’s accident and shared their point of view on this story.  One user believed that the figure looked like a man wearing a blue shirt with rolled-up sleeves and could be a man who passed away on that spot earlier. He goes on to remark “I bet the guy isn’t the sole person who died on that spot.” Another user wondered whether the figure was the poster’s grandfather who came to check on his family. States “He has relatives who have passed, come over at times of tragedy or mishaps.”

One User says, “He feels like this may be your grandpa reaching through to check on your family in such a traumatic event“.  Obviously, he believes that family visits those whom they care for even after death. Thus, the comment continues: “Your grandpa is your Guardian Angel” and a sign that you are well protected by God. While another user states: “He looks like an Old day Rock Star just like Sid Vicious performing at the pistols at Winterfield in SF, 1978”  However, he adds: “Or the lighting of the camera at night really sucks to the flashes of oncoming cars might just be playing around the corner.” 

Paranormal or Not? 

Since the crash pictures were posted, the speculations and excitement around the ghostly paranormal activities have been the hot topic amongst Reddit Users. However, the Poster hasn’t commented back on any of these speculations and all the readers are left to wonder about the ghostly figure and why they turned up at the event. Many users left their points of view on the poster’s page which made this accident a trending gossip on the internet. So what do you think, was it really the Grandfather;s ghost, or something else? The rumors are still stirring.

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