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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
January 2, 2024 ·  2 min read

Dog Stares At Cat Through Window Every Day — Until Letter Gives Them Chance At Love!

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, it even transcends the boundaries of species. After all, pure love is sweet and healing for the heart of everyone involved. However, for a pair of pets, the love and intervention of the owners are needed for it to flourish. Almost a decade ago, two neighbors noticed their domestic animal friends developing a very cute relationship. Now, the pets were of a different species – one was a dog while the other was a cat. However, the owners saw the two look at each other longingly whenever they saw each other across the yard.

A Love Story For The Ages

Unfortunately, the owner of the cat did not know that the dog could see his beloved even through the window. So, when they installed a potted plant on the sill of their window that obviously came to an end. The cat lost its place to sit and gaze out of the window. The dog got fewer opportunities to exchange looks with the feline. However, the story does not have a tragic end. At this point, the owner of the dog intervened slightly. They had noticed that the dog had become sad recently and realized what was going on.

The letters shared between the neighbors talking about their pets' love.
Image Credits: Reddit

So, they left an awesome request and a detailed explanation at the window of the cat owner. Here is what it read:
Dear Neighbor,

This is going to seem ridiculous, but I thought you should know that my dog (who lives next door with me) is madly in love with your cat… and has been for probably 6 months! Three times a day, he puts his paws on our railing to look at him/her on your windowsill. Now that you have potted plants there, he is heartbroken… but keeps looking for your cat every time. Maybe your plants could switch to a different window??!

-From your neighbor and her adoring dog
Here is the original Reddit post. Fortunately, the cat owner had no issues with the arrangement. So they removed the potted plant and cleared the window sill. On the window, she left a simple reply: For True Love! Now, there are no more updates on the final situation between the two pets. However, we hope, they made many more happy memories in each other’s company! If the story warmed your hearts as much as it did ours, feel free to share it with your friends and family!

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Source: Reddit