Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
December 27, 2023 ·  4 min read

20 Times People Were Confident In Their Answers BUT Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong

Overconfidence is usually why most people fail in certain situations. But that does make for funny scenes for onlookers who would probably take pictures or videos.

So today, we have 20 such occasions when people were too overconfident in their answers only to be wrong. 

20 Times When People’s Overconfidence Led To A Moment Of Bant

1. Just Face Your Ignorance

Image Credits: Facebook

One user believed that using facial recognition would ensure that the government had one’s details. This was when another user trolled them for not knowing about how driving licenses worked.

2. Zeus, The Hyper-Potent

Image Credits: BoredPanda

Someone’s overconfidence made them look like a fool before a student of classical studies by stating that Zeus had just one son. 

3. Frankenstein

Image Credits: Reddit

Another user on a social media site argued about Frankenstein participating in a bodybuilding competition- when the original poster was simply talking about the scientist- not his creation.

4. History Lesson

Image Credits: Facebook

Yet another Facebook user claimed that Martin Luther King Jr wouldn’t be agreeing to a particular quote- not caring that the quote in question had been said by MLK himself.

5. Jumbled Up

Image Credits: Twitter

With the pandemic being a thing of the near past, misinformation was at its peak. One Twitter celeb tried to talk about government conspiracy- when someone else shut her down. 

6. Divine Message

Image Credits: Facebook

Someone on Tumblr tried to argue about God’s intentions when another user commented on a passage straight from the Bible to close their shop. 

7. History Class Skipped

8. Forgotten Toys

Image Credits: Reddit

A simple post on Reddit where a user reminisced about gel pens that changed color led to a huge rant by another user- who simply didn’t know that such pens existed. 

9. Age Gap

Image Credits: Facebook

When a Facebook user tried to shame the current education system while solving a basic arithmetic problem- they didn’t know that they messed it up as well. 

10. Shapes and Colors

Image Credits: Twitter

When a Twitter user asked her followers to name a fruit that was named after a color, another user replied with star fruit. For those who are unaware, a star is a shape- not a color. 

11. Royal Trouble

Image Credits: Reddit

Princes- plural for a prince, something that a particular Twitter user didn’t understand while they kept clamoring over the British Royal Family turning ‘woke’.

12. Time-Distancing

Image Credits: Reddit

The Bible definitely didn’t teach evolution- for this Facebook user believed dinosaurs and cavemen existed during the same period. To put it straight- they didn’t. 

13. Gendered Animals

Image Credits: Reddit

14. Horrific Audacity

Image Credits: Reddit

There is absolutely no reason for someone to start a beef with a famous author like Stephen King. And yet- someone decided the author had made a spelling error, when he, in fact, hadn’t.

15. False Opinions

Image Credits: Reddit

The only rule for banter is- don’t make spelling errors. But this person, in a horribly misguided way of spreading misogyny, couldn’t even spell ‘you are’ correctly. Pssh. 

16. Disgusting 

Image Credits: Reddit

Someone forgot that being emotionally mature at a young age didn’t necessarily vindicate pedophilia. And yet, they decided to compare Greta Thunberg’s maturity with Jeffrey Epstein’s disgusting fetish. 

17. Anatomically Missing Knowledge

Image Credits: Reddit

Female anatomy should be taught more in schools. For, there are a vast majority of humans who believe women urinate from their vaginas- something that is extremely incorrect. 

18. Convenient Ageing

Image Credits: Reddit

To a certain Twitter user, a child born in 2010 is 18 years old in 2018. How you may ask? Well, you carry the 10 and add 8. This is a calculation that R. Kelly would be proud of. 

19. Bitter Medicine

Image Credits: Reddit

Some people were so surprised when there was a vaccine for COVID- because they thought a vaccine for the common flu didn’t exist. 

20. The Man Behind Tesla

Image Credits: Twitter

One of those Twitter threads where almost everyone is wrong. Where do we start? Should we discuss how Tesla wasn’t built by Nikola Tesla? Or should we talk about how he was living in the 1900s and not the 1700s?  

Overconfidence can be a bit of a problem if it isn’t complemented with ample knowledge. But it sure makes for a humorous post, doesn’t it?


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