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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
October 18, 2023 ·  3 min read

Man Starts to Take Selfie and Gets The Best Photobomb Ever

With today’s cameras, taking pictures and videos has never been easier. We no longer have to carry around a bulky device that needs careful handling to ensure that our memorable moments are recorded. We can just take out our phones, and point that camera to what we want to record, even if it is pictures of ourselves! However, sometimes, we get some pleasant surprises in the form of photobombs because pictures and videos are so easy to take.

Seven years ago, a clip on America’s Funniest Home Videos involved a man who was out and about enjoying a nice sunny day on his boat and an awesome photobomb. That’s when he brought out his phone because he thought the conditions were perfect for a selfie. However, just as he brought the phone out, he felt an uninvited friend on his shoulder. It was a wild seal! Apparently, it had just climbed aboard the boat, and then him, after surfacing from the water.

The man with the seal on his back.
Image Credits: YouTube

The Water Puppy’s Photobomb

The man explained in his short clip that the seal had no hesitation in cuddling up to him. Eventually, while sitting on top of his shoulders, it looked like the seal was curious about the device in the man’s hand. So, in the clip, we can see the extremely cute creature trying its hardest to take a closer look from the man’s shoulder, leading to one of the world’s cutest photobombs ever.

The man, though, did not miss the chance to memorialize the incident. He decided that instead of a still selfie, it would be much better to capture an entire video. So he did, and the entire encounter, including the man talking to the seal, was there for the viewers to fawn over. The seal, in its turn, never looked to have any ill intent. In fact, it seemed like the creature would have liked nothing better than simply sharing a bit of time in the man’s company.

The man with the seal's photobomb.
Image Credits: YouTube

Why Was The Seal There?

However, as cute as the photobomb is, the clip raises questions about why a wild seal was so forthcoming with a human. Of course, they are generally docile and harmless creatures, but they are also pretty shy in the wild. As such, sometimes, they have been seen to take refuge on human vessels like boats when they are chased by predators. This might have been the case this time around, too.  

At the same time, the boat was far too close to the shore for the seal to be escaping from a predator. The boat was more or less docked on the sandy coast, and it could not have been more than 15 feet from the shore. It is far too shallow for a predatory shark to be there. However, seals can also seek help from humans if they are injured, so that is a possibility, as well. Even then, at least from the video clip, the seal looked completely fine.

The final reason is possibly the most likely: the culprit of the photobomb most probably sensed there were some treats on the boat. Maybe, it knew how humans usually catch fish and give seals treats. So the seal thought maybe this man also had some fish. Hopefully, that was the case, and the seal got some kind of treat! Even if that’s not the case, the two looked completely happy with each other’s company. So, we have no doubt that it was just as happy an encounter as it looked in the clip. 

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