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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 23, 2024 ·  3 min read

13 Tweets Showing Just How Creative People Can Be

Brute force is not always the answer to a solution. Sometimes, it’s your creativity that is the only way out. Of course, it usually comes with a bit of humor to make light of a difficult situation. Even if the methods are not complete solutions, they often reveal previous paths. After all, there is a reason why thinking out of the box is such a valuable and sought-after skill in life! Take a look at these 13 tweets that have actual proof of it:

1. Ingenious Photographer

Creative idea tweet 1
Image Credits: @shamoo2298 | Twitter

Who needs a photographer when you have a hangar at your home? It takes a bit of ingenious creativity to get the perfect height and stability for a couple’s picture.

2. Water And Wine

Creative idea tweet 2
Image Credits: Twitter

Some customers are there just to be a nuisance to the servers at clubs and restaurants. This time, though, the waitress and bartender already had a trick up their sleeves to trick the customer out of his own “cleverness.”

3. Free Parking

Creative ideas tweets 3
Image Credits: Twitter

Finding a proper parking spot everywhere you go can be a bit annoying. That’s why this tweet shows a handy trick to escape a parking ticket, even if you unknowingly park in an illegal spot.

4. Pistol Wedding

Creative ideas tweets 4
Image Credits: Twitter

It’s one of those things that probably only happens in America. If we look past the safety concerns regarding carrying a firearm to your wedding, it is a witty way to ensure no undue objections. Is that that creative? I suppose it is, but we don’t suggest anyone try and replicate what he did.

5. Gathering Intel

Creative ideas tweets 5
Image Credits: Twitter

Everything’s fair in love and war. This time around it meant changing your habit, after getting to know about the preferences of the person you love, and then pretending that it was your habit all along. The ends justify the means!

6. Music And Studies

Creative ideas tweets 6
Image Credits: Twitter

There are tons of ways to sneak music into a classroom, with AirPods being probably the most common way. However, if you have a long-sleeved shirt or sweater, you can even hide those from your teacher, while listening to your favorite tracks.

7. Never Too Young To Do Chores

Creative ideas tweet 7
Image Credits: Twitter

Babies are known to get stuff dirty. They also wear very cute clothes in which they crawl everywhere. So this mother ingeniously combined the two so that her baby cleans up, unwittingly, after themselves.

8. Safety On The Streets

Creative Ideas tweet 8
Image Credits: Twitter

You never know what kind of people or danger you may encounter on the streets, especially if you are a woman. Thankfully, for every dubious person out there, there are also kind and creative people like these too, ready to step in to help.

9. No Bonus Marks For Creativity

Creative ideas tweet 9
Image Credits: Twitter

There really is nothing much you can do if you are stuck behind a hairdo like this. Fortunately, the teacher also shared the student’s sense of humor.

10. Two Birds With One Stone

Creative ideas tweet 10
Image Credits: Twitter

There is a lot to learn from the wisdom that comes with age. In this case, it’s all about doing your chores and enjoying a snack at the same time without any added effort.

11. Marking

Creative ideas tweet 11
Image Credits: Twitter

There’s no harm in ensuring everyone knows a person is taken, especially if it is in such a cute way as a giant badge. I’m sure this couple has a very trusting relationship.

12. Laziness Breeds Creativity

Creative ideas tweet 12
Image Credits: Twitter

Nobody wants to do the menial tasks like counting through dozens of sheets. So why not use the machine that already has a function to count pages?

13. Mr. Map

Creative ideas tweet 13
Image Credits: Twitter

Look, just to be sure, we do not advise anyone to follow this method on your Geography exam because it is cheating. However, at the end of the day, it is an extremely ingenious way to do the exam.

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