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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
December 19, 2023 ·  2 min read

Distressed passenger films his 29-hour flight where baby is screaming throughout

Flying with kids is always a tricky problem to deal with. While most of us thank our stars when we find ourselves in a relatively empty airplane and a window seat to boot- there are others who have to brave a very uncomfortable situation. In fact, such a flight can also turn dangerous if one constantly feels claustrophobic because of screaming and shouting passengers, like kids.

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Man Flying With Kids Records The Horrid Situation Over 29 Hours

The video of the singer flying with kids surfaced on TikTok, where one can see the torment Henry is going through. Nonetheless, he decides to sit through the screaming. He even reviews it in the caption with one of them being, “the kid’s got some lungs.” With another screech bursting out of the kid, Henry commends it for “great projection.”

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Image Credits: @balubrigaada

Now, Henry was provided with huge headphones to deal with the situation. However, he decided to make lemonades out of the lemons provided. The headphones were strung around his neck for the entirety of the journey. He was adamant to keep reviewing the screams and concluded it with, “Stellar performance, incredible stamina. 10/10.” Although it isn’t clear where the singer was flying to with the kids, it is known that flights from New Zealand to Berlin take around 31 hours, complete with a couple of layovers. As usually happens on social media, a debate soon sparked up.


Hey babe, how was your flight?

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Some of them commented on the horrible situation Henry had to go through. Others sympathized with the plight of the parents of this distraught kid. One person mentioned, “Honestly there should be kid free flights and kid flights.” While another mentioned, “The rage I get just by watching this. I rate this flight with a 0/10.” Another TikTok user commented, “I know some people don’t have the option, but I never took my babies or toddlers on flights. Ever. It’s painful for everyone.

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