Jade Small
Jade Small
August 19, 2023 ·  3 min read

This Cloud Has Internet Users Everywhere Debating: Cat or Dog?

It’s time to make a really important choice. No, this isn’t about politics or medicine, this is about something of vital importance. Clouds. That’s right, we need to determine if you see a cat or dog in this fluffy image. The internet is completely torn- everyone is divided on this one! What do you think?

Cloud-gazing is something we all love to do. After all, it takes you away from your cares and worries momentarily and allows for your creative mind to flow freely. There’s no stress, and usually, there’s no wrong or right answers. However, in the image we’re about to show you, it seems some people are convinced the shape is one or the other. Cat or dog.

The photo comes to us from user jhvk on Reddit. Posting on the subreddit never tell me the odds, jhvk went to the public for their general opinion- “This cloud looks like a cat, and a dog.” The user even went as far as to outline the cloud in different ways to illustrate both how it looks like a cat, and a dog.

Do you see a Cat, or Dog?


Of course, upon first seeing the image, commenters let their opinions fly. Many left remarks about how obvious it was that the image is a cat, while others saw a very clear dog. Still, there were others who saw something completely different.

User Pjyilthaeykh said, “Looks more like a bear than a dog in my opinion. Very interesting nonetheless, reminds me of this one cloud after a massive North-Ontario thunderstorm that looked like a Norse giant about to fight some horrible Warp daemon.” Another user by the name of AwesomeDudeInc thought “the paws look like people screaming for their lives.” While we might not see a bear or screaming people, we definitely do see something hidden in the cloud shape.

Anyone else seeing Garfield?” asked a curious Cheerio. “I see so many different things in this but I’m at work but this made me realize…is cloud drawing a thing yet? it’d be like a Rorschach test for reddit” says user raining_picnic. That’s not a bad idea. Maybe cloud perception will be the new way of analyzing minds?

To help us better visualize the cat imagery, as well as the dog, jhvk illustrated the outline of each animal.


To us, this looks like those photos you see of cats on glass tables. You know the ones. You can see their perfect little toe beans. The added lines for whiskers and claws really help to solidify the fact that this is a cat… Or is it?


Well, now it looks like a dog! Ready to catch their favorite ball, happily awaiting the throw of a lifetime, the doggy cloud looks very happy. It just needs a wagging tail to complete the look.

What do you Think?

It’s not every day you see clouds like this. More often than not, the clouds we see are just your average fluffy, shapeless forms. Yet, this one is truly special. After taking a moment to look at the original image without the lines, do you think this looks more like a cat or dog?

Whether you see a cat or dog in the image above, one thing is for certain, you are likely experiencing pareidolia. According to MysticalRaven, pareidolia “is defined as: a psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to a stimulus (an image or a sound) by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists. Common examples are when you associate certain shapes in the clouds, or the rabbit in the moon.”

Seeing faces or familiar patterns in images like this is a sign of a highly intelligent person, so, if you saw something besides a fluffy cloud, you’re probably very intelligent. So, which did you see? Cat, or dog? While you’re giving your brain a good visual workout, you should try these challenges out too!