11:11 – Is It Happening To You?

Are you a believer of destiny? Do you think if you see certain things repeatedly in abstract or mundane everyday objects, it is a sign of things to come or happen to you? For instance, numbers like 11:11 – do you keep seeing them repeatedly in ways you cannot explain – on alarm or wall clocks, on letter boxes or home addresses? If yes, then it might be that the universe is trying to convey a message to you. That it is indeed a sign of things to come or changes to happen!

Numbers such as 11, 22, 33, 44 and 55 are master numbers as per numerology. Let’s decode what these numbers are trying to say to us…

What it means when you see 11:11 repeatedly

Number 1 is a magical number and the number one card in a Tarot deck is the magician’s card as per major arcane. Therefore, when you happen to see 11:11 very often, it is a call to you from the universe, a wakeup call from a mystic realm. It is a jolt for reality that you need to sit up and take notice of your surroundings. This awakening call is a confirmation that you are on the right track and things will evolve for the better as you move along.

11:11 means the best in you is coming to life

11:11 brings out the best in you! As per astrology, the first house of the zodiac represents self-expression. Therefore, when you spot 1:11 or 11:11 you might be at your confident best or soaring high creatively.

11:11 in numerology

Number 11 in Numerology The number 11, a master number in numerology, represents a spiritual path. It is believed that people who repeatedly spot 11:11 are highly spiritual people by nature and have a higher purpose in life. They work to uplift the consciousness of human beings, restore peace and harmony among one and another. They act as a bridge between people from different walks of life, bringing them together for one cause.

What 2:22 means

Seeing 2:22? Like 11:11, these numbers have meaning. You are seeking balance in Life! When you happen to spot 222 too many times, it indicates that you are seeking balance in life. Human beings are social animals and cannot be complete as a sole entity but need a ‘better half’, a partner to complete and enrich their lives. So, when you spot 222, it means that you may come across a soul mate, a friend for life or a person who will balance your life. Or it could be an indication that you need to spend more time in your current relationships.

Trust your gut

Believe in your gut instinct The second house is astrology represents the house of foundation. It represents our values and our creature comforts. In Tarot, the second card stands for intuition. Therefore, if you have been seeing 2:22 very often, it could indicate that you need to believe in your gut instinct.

What 3:33 means

11:11 is what wakes up our souls, but other numbers can give us more guidance. 3:33 indicates the alignment of mind, body and soul Three is a mystical number. It is also known as the trinity and this trinity is represented by our mind, body and soul. The constant appearances of 3:33 indicate that you are highly alert and conscious at all three levels. In fact, you might be living the best phase and feel much fulfilled. Or it could work the other way round, i.e. it could be an indication that your life is currently imbalanced. You are leading a very hectic life, full of stress and no personal time.

A wakeup call

333 is a wake up call! As per Tarot cards, 3 stands for the Empress – fertile, sensual woman, abundant who enjoys good things in life, loves to entertain etc. As per numerology, 3 is a socialite. In astrology, the third house rules curiosity, mobility and communication. If you keep spotting 333 everywhere it could mean that you need to be more outgoing, meet more people, ask questions and explore new pastures.

What 4:44 means

If you see 4:44, you need to be closer to your loved ones! The number 4 represents love for family and home. The 4th house in astrology rules over feminine realm so if you see 4:44 constantly, it means you have just met the ‘right’ woman in your life. Also, it also indicates that your inner circle needs more attention. It could be your soul mate, soul sister or a very close friend.

Honor your body

11:11 may have you thinking about the mystical realm outside of yourself, but 4:44 has you look inward. Honor your body Our body is something to be cherished – not only by staying slim but giving it proper rest, diet, nutrition etc. if you keep spotting 4:44, it indicates that you need to stop and give your body more attention as after all it is home to your soul. You need to eat more organic food, include greens in your diet, de-stress and get rid of the toxins. This also means getting rid of negative people in your life.

4 is a protector

4 is the protector and provider In the Tarot cards deck, 4 is the emperor card. It represents a father figure – someone who is wise, firm, stable and protective. Repeatedly seeing 4 could also indicate that you need to step into the protector-provider role for your family!

What 5:55 means

If you see 555, change is coming your way! Change is the only constant, it is most natural and one cannot stop its course. If you keep spotting 5:55, it is likely that you are in for a change. It can come in the form of a gentle breeze or take you by storm. It is best to accept the new momentum and go with the flow. As per Tarot, 5 is represented by the Hierophant – the bearer of traditional wisdom. However, in astrology, the 5th house represents glamour, passion and self-expression. Therefore, 5:55 is a good combination of these two aspects. In numerology, number 5 represents constant motion.

11:11 is a wake up call to your wisdom Spirituality that does not necessarily occur to an individual after much suffering and so is the case of wisdom. Acquiring wisdom is a wakeup call, i.e. it is your conscious awareness. It could be triggered by anything as simple as flowers, music, children etc. Seeing 5:55 could be an indication of unblocking of higher energies that lead to conscious awareness.

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