woman looking annoyed sitting across from a man
Jade Small
Jade Small
April 20, 2024 ·  2 min read

The Deeper Meaning Behind Why Some People Are So VERY Annoying

You’ve probably experienced it many times—that mother-in-law who makes a casual remark about your cooking or the annoying coworker who knows just the right thing to say to set you off. Why, oh why, do some people always seem to push your buttons?


Sorry to have to say this, but some people are just out to spread drama and misery. You know it’s true and it probably comes as no surprise. Many trigger upset in others subconsciously out of fear or envy, but then there those who do it for the sheer pleasure. Others are simply looking for attention. Either way, these folks have issues, plain and simple. You’re not likely to change them or their behavior. All you can do is try to avoid them and be as compassionate as possible.


Sometimes it’s not necessarily the button pushers who have the issues. There could be things lurking within your own psyche that these folks just seem to bring out. Personally, I would fume when my boyfriend used to wander off at parties, ignoring and abandoning me. Only later did I realize his behavior triggered feelings of isolation I experienced from childhood when my father used to retire into the den, making me feel lonely and invisible.

When someone pushes your buttons they often act as a mirror. Their behavior can reflect something hidden within you that requires your attention. Next time you’re ticked off, take a closer look.


Personal hot buttons may not always be about present day matters. Your neighbor’s constant annoying behavior or your sister’s “I told you so’s,” could have begun many lifetimes ago. Could it be a case of spiritual payback? There is always that possibility. Maybe it’s time to take a different approach and talk to a psychic or meditate over the situation.


Handling those pesky button pushers isn’t always easy. If you’re lucky enough to ignore them, do so. If not, realize that they are not likely to change. But remember that you do have the power to change how you react to them. Question your own emotional reactions and who knows? Perhaps you can learn and grow. Those button pushers may just push you into greater personal power!